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Aliciella subnuda
Scientific classification

Gilia subnuda Torr. ex A.Gray

Aliciella subnuda (synonym Gilia subnuda, common name - coral gilia or carmine gilia) is a biennial or perennial plant in the phlox family (Polemoniaceae) found in the Colorado Plateau and Canyonlands region of the southwestern United States.


Growth pattern

It is a 6 to 20 inches (15 to 51 cm) biennial or perennial plant growing from a basal rosette.

Sticky leaves and stems catch blowing sand and dirt giving them a sandy coating.

Leaves and stems

34 to 3+34 inches (1.9 to 9.5 cm) lobed leaves are spatula shaped or egg shaped with sticky hairs.

Stems are thin and sticky.

Inflorescence and fruit

It blooms from May to July. Clustering at the ends of the stems, reddish or carmine flowers have a 38 to 34 inch (0.95 to 1.91 cm) long corolla tube flaring to 5 lobes.

Habitat and range

It can be found in warm desert shrub, pinyon juniper woodland, and ponderosa pine forest communities across the southwestern United States.

Ecological and human interactions

Flowers are pollinated by bees and hummingbirds.

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