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Alvis Stormer
Alvis Stormer in 2009.jpg
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Mass 12.7 tonnes
Length 5.27 m
Width 2.76 m
Height 2.49 m

Maximum speed 80 km/h
Alvis Stormer, 2009
A picture of the Stormer.
Alvis Stormer missiles
This is a close-up view of the Stormer's missile launcher.

The Alvis Stormer, usually just called the Stormer, was a British armoured vehicle. It was in service with the British Army until mid-2009, when the Stormers were gradually retired.

It was made by the British company Alvis Vickers. Alvis Vickers is now called BAE Systems Global Combat Systems.

Different types of Stormer

There are three different kinds of Stormer. These are:

Stormer HVM

The British Army use Stormers with the Starstreak missile for short range air defence.

Flat bed Stormer

A different kind of Stormer with a flat load bed is used to carry the Shielder minelaying system.

Stormer 30

Stormer 30 is a changed Stormer chassis which gives a tracked reconnaissance vehicle. This type has a turret.

The vehicle is still only a prototype. It is unknown when it will enter service. The vehicle will be able to be moved around by the C-130 Hercules used by the RAF aircraft as well as the CH-53, which is currently in service with NATO and other nations across the world.


  • Weight: 13.5 tonnes
  • Top speed: 80 kilometres per hour
  • Range: 650 km.

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