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Amelia Creek crater
Amelia Creek crater is located in Australia
Amelia Creek crater
Location in Australia
Impact crater/structure
Confidence Confirmed
Diameter ~20 km (12 mi)
Age 1640-600 Ma
Exposed Yes
Drilled No
Location Davenport Range
Coordinates 20°51′S 134°53′E / 20.850°S 134.883°E / -20.850; 134.883
Country Australia
State Northern Territory

Amelia Creek crater is an impact structure (or astrobleme), the eroded remnant of a former impact crater, located in the Davenport Range, Northern Territory, Australia. It lies within a low range of Paleoproterozoic sedimentary and volcanic rocks, which are extensively folded and faulted, thus making an eroded impact crater difficult to recognize. It was only discovered by the identification of shatter cones near its centre. The central shatter cone locality is surrounded by a 20 by 12 km (12.4 by 7.5 mi) area of anomalous deformation, the asymmetry being possibly related to very oblique impact, but may be at least partly due to the pre-existing structural complexity of the rocks. This deformed zone gives the best estimate for the original size of the crater. Impact took place after folding of the Paleoproterozoic rocks but before deposition of Neoproterozoic and Cambrian rocks which overlie them, thus constraining the impact event to the interval between about 1660 and 600 Ma.

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