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Animal Spies! is a CITV programme first aired on the launch day of the CITV channel, 11 March 2006. The programme tells fictional stories about animals, using real footage with actors voicing over. Animal Spies! is currently on its second series.


Freddy (voiced by Lenny Henry)

An optimistic mouse who likes exploring. Freddy lives inside the Globe in the boy's bedroom and jumps out when he is gone. He often laughs when Toady gets Mad.

Ted (voiced by Ricky Tomlinson)

A lazy Teddy Bear who is somewhat dim-witted. He and Toady often argue which results in them falling out. They always make up at the end of the episode.

Toady (voiced by Jenny McAlpine)

A tin toad with a short temper. She often gets mad at Ted and the two often argue. When angry her eyes bulge out, making her quite humorous.


Each episode begins with a boy leaving his bedroom for school. Toady and Ted both come to life and Freddy the Mouse jumps out of his Globe. Ted and Toady will sometimes argue, and Freddy will then tell a story from a specific part of the world. The story will usually follow the antics of a certain animal (a dingo for example) and tell fictional stories of what the animals get up to using Amphropomorphism. During the story Ted and Toady will sometimes speak to each other and ask Freddy questions about the animals in the story. After Freddy has finished the story, the boy will arrive back home and everyone will rush back to their original positions that they were in before the boy left (apart from Freddy, who goes back inside his globe).

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