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Asterivora exocha
Scientific classification
A. exocha
Binomial name
Asterivora exocha
(Meyrick, 1907)
  • Simaethis exocha Meyrick, 1907

Asterivora exocha is a species of moth in the family Choreutidae first described by Edward Meyrick in 1907. It is endemic to New Zealand.

The wingspan is about 20 mm. The head, palpi and thorax are grey whitish mixed with blackish. The antennae are pale grey, ringed with blackish. The abdomen is fuscous, although the segmental margins are mixed with whitish. The olive-fuscous forewings are elongate, moderate, posteriorly rather dilated, the costa gently arched, the apex obtuse, the termen faintly sinuate and oblique. The basal area is sprinkled with whitish except for a narrow fascia preceding the first line, which is whitish, acutely angulated the near costa and followed by a very irregular fascia of whitish sprinkles, which sends a triangular projection above the middle to the centre of the disc. The second line is also white, but sharply defined, running from the middle of the costa to three-fourths of the disc, and then acutely angulated to beyond the middle of the dorsum, somewhat sinuate inwards towards the costa and dorsum. The hindwings are grey, but darker posteriorly. There are indications of a cloudy whitish dot towards the termen below the middle.

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