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The following units and commanders fought in the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Battle of Atlanta on July 22, 1864. The Union order of battle is listed separately. The orders of battle for the first and second phases of the campaign are listed separately as well.

Abbreviations used

Military rank


Army of Tennessee

Gen John B. Hood

Hardee's Corps

LTG William J. Hardee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Bate's Division
     MG William B. Bate

Orphan Brigade

   BG Joseph H. Lewis

  • 2nd Kentucky: Col James W. Moss
  • 4th Kentucky: Ltc Thomas W. Thompson
  • 5th Kentucky: Ltc Hiram Hawkins
  • 6th Kentucky: Col Martin H. Cofer
  • 9th Kentucky: John W. Caldwell
Florida Brigade

   BG Jesse J. Finley

  • 1st-3rd Florida: Cpt Matthew Strain
  • 1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted)-4th Florida Infantry: Ltc Edward Badger
  • 6th Florida: Ltc Daniel L. Kenan
  • 7th Florida: Ltc Robert Bullock
Tyler's Brigade

   BG Thomas B. Smith

  • 37th Georgia: Ltc Joseph T. Smith
  • 4th Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion: Maj Theodore D. Caswell
  • 15th-37th Tennessee: Ltc R. Dudley Frayser (w), Cpt Matthew Dwyer
  • 20th Tennessee: Ltc William M. Shy
  • 30th Tennessee: Ltc James J. Turner

Walker's Division
     MG William H.T. Walker (k)
     BG Hugh W. Mercer

Gist's Brigade

   BG States Rights Gist (w)
   Col James McCullough

  • 46th Georgia: Maj Samuel J.C. Dunlop
  • 8th Georgia Battalion: Ltc Zachariah L. Watters
  • 16th South Carolina: Col James McCullough, Cpt John W. Boling
  • 24th South Carolina: Col Ellison Capers (w), Ltc Jesse S. Jones
Mercer's Brigade

   BG Hugh W. Mercer
   Col William Barkuloo
   Ltc Morgan Rawls (w)
   Ltc Cincinnatus S. Guyton

  • 1st Georgia Volunteers: Col Charles H. Olmstead (w), Maj Martin J. Ford
  • 54th Georgia: Ltc Morgan Rawls, Cpt Thomas W. Brantley
  • 57th Georgia: Col William Barkuloo, Ltc Cincinnatus S. Guyton
  • 63rd Georgia: Maj Joseph V. H. Allen
Stevens's Brigade

   Col George A. Smith (w)
   Col J. Cooper Nisbet (c)
   Col William J. Winn

  • 1st Georgia: Cpt William J. Whitsitt
  • 25th Georgia: Col William J. Winn, Maj A. W. Smith
  • 29th Georgia: Cpt John W. Turner
  • 30th Georgia: Ltc James S. Boynton
  • 66th Georgia: Col J. Cooper Nisbet, Cpt Thomas L. Langston
  • 1st Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion: Maj Arthur Shaaf

Cleburne's Division
     MG Patrick R. Cleburne

Govan's Brigade

   BG Daniel C. Govan

  • 1st-15th Arkansas: Ltc William H. Martin (w), Cpt Felix G. Lusk
  • 2nd-24th Arkansas: Col Elisha Warfield (w), Ltc Eldridge G. Brasher (w), Maj Amzi T. Meek
  • 5th-13th Arkansas: Col John E. Murray (k), Col Peter V. Green
  • 6th-7th Arkansas: Col Samuel G. Smith (w) Ltc Fester J. Cameron (w), Maj William F. Douglass (w), Cpt J. T. Robinson
  • 8th-19th Arkansas: Col George F. Baucum (w), Ltc Anderson Watkins (k), Ltc Augustus S. Hutchinson (w), Maj David H. Hamiter
  • 3rd Confederate: Cpt Mumford H. Dixon
Granbury's Brigade

   BG James A. Smith (w)
   Ltc Robert B. Young

  • 7th Texas: Cpt J. William Brown
  • 10th Texas: Col Roger Q. Mills (w), Ltc Robert B. Young, Cpt John A. Formwalt
  • 6th Texas-15th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Cpt Steven E. Rice (c), Lt Thomas L. Flynt
  • 17th-18th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Cpt George D. Manion (w), Cpt William H. Perry
  • 24th-25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Maj William A. Taylor
  • 5th Confederate: Maj Richard J. Person (c), Cpt Aaron A. Cox
Lowrey's Brigade

   BG Mark P. Lowrey

  • 5th Mississippi: Ltc John B. Herring
  • 8th Mississippi: Col John C. Wilkinson (k), Capt H. W. Crook (w)
  • 32nd Mississippi: Col William H. H. Tison (w)
  • 3rd Mississippi Battalion: Ltc John D. Williams (c), Cpt Thomas P. Connor
  • 16th Alabama: Ltc Frederick A. Ashford
  • 33rd Alabama: Ltc Robert F. Crittenden
  • 45th Alabama: Col Harris D. Lampley (w&c) Ltc Robert H. Abercrombie

Cheatham's Division
     BG George E. Maney

Maney's Brigade

   Col Francis M. Walker (k)

  • 1st-27th Tennessee: Ltc John L. House
  • 6th-9th Tennessee: Col George C. Portor
  • 19th Tennessee: Maj James G. Deadrick
  • 50th Tennessee: Col Stephen H. Colms
  • 4th Confederate (Tennessee): Ltc Oliver A. Bradshaw
Strahl's Brigade

   BG Otho F. Strahl (w)
   Ltc James D. Tillman

  • 4th-5th Tennessee: Maj Henry Hampton
  • 24th Tennessee: Col John A. Wilson (w), Ltc Samuel E. Shannon
  • 31st Tennessee: Ltc Fountain E. P. Stafford
  • 33rd Tennessee: Ltc Henry C. McNeill
  • 41st Tennessee: Ltc James D. Tillman, Maj T.G. Miller (w), Cpt A. M. Keith
Vaughan's Brigade

   Col Michael Magevney, Jr.

  • 11th Tennessee: Col George W. Gordon
  • 12th-47th Tennessee: Col William M. Watkins
  • 13th-154th (Senior) Tennessee: Maj William J. Crook
  • 29th Tennessee: Col Horace Rice
Wright's Brigade

   Col John C. Carter

  • 8th Tennessee: Col John H. Anderson
  • 16th Tennessee: Cpt Benjamin Randals
  • 28th Tennessee: Ltc David C. Crook
  • 38th Tennessee: Ltc Andrew D. Gwynne (c), Maj Hamilton W. Cotter
  • 51st-52nd Tennessee: Ltc John W. Estes

Hood's Corps

MG Benjamin F. Cheatham

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Stevenson's Division
     MG Carter L. Stevenson

Brown's Brigade

   Col Joseph B. Palmer

  • 3rd Tennessee: Ltc Calvin J. Clack
  • 18th Tennessee: Ltc William R. Butler
  • 26th Tennessee: Col Richard M. Saffell
  • 32nd Tennessee: Cpt Thomas D. Deavenport
  • 45th Tennessee-23rd Tennessee Battalion: Col Anderson Searcy
Cumming's Brigade

   BG Alfred Cumming

  • 2nd Georgia State Troops: Col James Wilson
  • 34th Georgia: Maj John M. Jackson
  • 36th Georgia: Maj Charles E. Broyles
  • 39th Georgia: Cpt J. W. Cureton
  • 56th Georgia: Col E. P. Watkins
Pettus's Brigade

   BG Edmund W. Pettus

  • 20th Alabama: Col James M. Dedman
  • 23rd Alabama: Ltc Joseph B. Bibb
  • 30th Alabama: Col Charles M. Shelley
  • 31st Alabama: Maj George W. Mattison
  • 46th Alabama: Maj George E. Brewer
Reynold's Brigade

   BG Alexander W. Reynolds

  • 58th North Carolina: Cpt Alfred T. Stewart
  • 60th North Carolina: Col Washington M. Hardy
  • 54th Virginia: Ltc John J. Wade
  • 63rd Virginia: Cpt David O. Rush

Hindman's Division
     BG John C. Brown

Deas's Brigade

   Col John G. Coltart

  • 19th Alabama: Ltc George R. Kimbrough
  • 22nd Alabama: Col Benjamin R. Hart
  • 25th Alabama: Cpt Napoleon B. Rouse
  • 39th Alabama: Ltc William C. Clifton (w), Cpt T. J. Branon
  • 50th Alabama: Cpt George W. Arnold
  • 17th Alabama Sharpshooters Battalion: Cpt James F. Nabors
Manigault's Brigade

   BG Arthur Middleton Manigault

  • 10th South Carolina: Col James F. Pressley
  • 19th South Carolina: Maj James L. White (w), Cpt Elijah W. Horne
  • 24th Alabama: Col Newton N. Davis
  • 28th Alabama: Ltc William L. Butler
  • 34th Alabama: Col Julius C. B. Mitchell
Tucker's Brigade

   Col Jacob H. Sharp

  • 7th Mississippi: Col William H. Bishop
  • 9th Mississippi: Ltc Benjamin F. Johns
  • 10th Mississippi: Ltc George B. Myers
  • 41st Mississippi: Col J. Byrd Williams
  • 44th Mississippi: Ltc R. G. Kelsey
  • 9th Mississippi Sharpshooters Battalion: Maj William C. Richards
Walthall's Brigade

   Col Samuel Benton (mw)
   Col William F. Brantley

  • 24th-27th Mississippi: Col Robert P. McKelvaine
  • 29th-30th Mississippi: Ltc James M. Johnson
  • 34th Mississippi: Cpt T. S. Hubbard

Clayton's Division
     MG Henry D. Clayton

Baker's Brigade

   Col John H. Higley

  • 37th Alabama: Ltc Alexander A. Greene
  • 40th Alabama: Maj Ezekiah S. Gulley
  • 42nd Alabama: Cpt Robert K. Wells
  • 54th Alabama: Ltc John A. Minter
Holtzclaw's Brigade

   Col Bush Jones

  • 18th Alabama: Ltc Peter F. Hunley
  • 32nd-58th Alabama: Cpt John A. Avirett
  • 36th Alabama: Ltc Thomas H. Herndon
  • 38th Alabama: Maj Shep Ruffin (w), Lt John C. Dumas
Gibson's Brigade

   BG Randall L. Gibson

  • 1st Louisiana Regulars: Cpt W. H. Sparks
  • 4th Louisiana:
  • 13th Louisiana: Col Francis L. Campbell
  • 16th-25th Louisiana: Ltc Robert H. Lindsay
  • 19th Louisiana: Col Richard W. Turner
  • 20th Louisiana: Col Leon Von Zinken
  • 30th Louisiana:
  • 14th Louisiana (Austin's) Sharpshooters Battalion: Maj Duncan Buie
Stovall's Brigade

   Col Abda Johnson

  • 1st Georgia State Line: Ltc John M. Brown (mw), Cpt Albert Howell
  • 40th Georgia: Cpt John F. Groover
  • 41st Georgia: Maj Mark S. Nall
  • 42nd Georgia: Cpt Lovick P. Thomas
  • 43rd Georgia: Maj William C. Lester
  • 52nd Georgia: Cpt Rufus R. Asbury

Georgia State Militia

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division, Georgia State Militia
     MG Gustavus W. Smith

1st Brigade

   BG Reuben W. Carswell

  • 1st Georgia Militia: Col Edward H. Pottle
  • 2nd Georgia Militia: Col James Stapleton
  • 3rd Georgia Militia: Col Q. M. Hill
2nd Brigade

   BG Pleasant J. Philips

  • 4th Georgia Militia: Col James N. Mann
  • 5th Georgia Militia: Col S. S. Stafford
  • 6th Georgia Militia: Col J. W. Burney
3rd Brigade

   BG Charles D. Anderson

  • 7th Georgia Militia: Col Abner Redding
  • 8th Georgia Militia: Col William B. Scott
  • 9th Georgia Militia: Col J. M. Hill
4th Brigade

   BG Henry K. McCay

  • 10th Georgia Militia: Col C. M. Davis
  • 11th Georgia Militia: Col William T. Toole
  • 12th Georgia Militia: Col Richard Sims

Cavalry Corps

MG Joseph Wheeler

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Martin's Division
     MG William T. Martin

Allen's Brigade

   BG William Wirt Allen

  • 1st Alabama Cavalry: Ltc D. T. Blakely
  • 3rd Alabama Cavalry: Col James Hagan
  • 4th Alabama Cavalry: Col Alfred A. Russell
  • 7th Alabama Cavalry: Cpt George Mason
  • 51st Alabama Cavalry: Col M. L. Kirkpatrick
  • 12th Alabama Cavalry Battalion: Cpt Warren S. Reese
Iverson's Brigade

   BG Alfred Iverson

  • 1st Georgia Cavalry: Col Samuel W. Davitte
  • 2nd Georgia Cavalry: Col Charles C. Crews
  • 3rd Georgia Cavalry: Col Robert Thompson
  • 4th Georgia Cavalry: Col Isaac W. Avery
  • 6th Georgia Cavalry: Col John R. Hart
Ferguson's Brigade

   BG Samuel W. Ferguson

  • 2nd Alabama Cavalry: Ltc John N. Carpenter
  • 53rd Alabama Cavalry: Col William Boyles
  • 9th Mississippi Cavalry: Col Horace H. Miller
  • Perrin's Mississippi Cavalry: Col Robert O. Perrin
  • 12th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion: Col William M. Inge
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