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Aupori green gecko
Conservation status

Gradual Decline (NZ TCS)
Scientific classification

The Aupori green gecko (Naultinus flavirictus), also known as the North Cape green gecko or yellow-lipped green gecko, is a species of gecko in the family Diplodactylidae. While the existence of the species was known for many years, it was undescribed until early 2021, with its scientific name being Naultinus 'North Cape' prior to description as N. flavirictus.

It is endemic to the Aupouri Peninsula of the North Island of New Zealand. It is a diurnal species that inhabits scrubland and forests, inhabiting foliage such as those of mānuka and kānuka trees. It can be distinguished from other species in the genus by the diagnostic yellow color at the corners of the mouth, which are also what give it its specific epithet. The Department of Conservation gives N. flavirictus a conservation status of At Risk, with a declining population.

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