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Baldface Mountain volcanic field
Baldface Mountain volcanic field is located in British Columbia
Baldface Mountain volcanic field
Baldface Mountain volcanic field
Location in British Columbia
Highest point
Peak Baldface Mountain
Elevation 1,798 m (5,899 ft)
Location British Columbia, Canada
Volcanic belt Anahim Volcanic Belt

The Baldface Mountain volcanic field is a volcanic field in the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. It is located about 25 km (16 mi) east of the Itcha Range on the Chilcotin Plateau. The volcanic field contains at least eight volcanic cones and is one of two volcanic fields in the Anahim Volcanic Belt, the other being the Satah Mountain volcanic field which extends south from the Itcha Range.

Volcanic features

All features listed in this table were derived from Kuehn et al. (2015).

Name Landform Rock type Age (Ma) Coordinates
- Cinder cone - - 52°44′N 124°33.8′W / 52.733°N 124.5633°W / 52.733; -124.5633
- Cinder cone Trachybasalt 2.43 52°43.2′N 124°33.2′W / 52.7200°N 124.5533°W / 52.7200; -124.5533
- Eroded cone Basanite 1.37 52°44.2′N 124°29′W / 52.7367°N 124.483°W / 52.7367; -124.483
- Eroded cone Basalt - 52°42.4′N 124°29.5′W / 52.7067°N 124.4917°W / 52.7067; -124.4917
- Eroded cone Hawaiite 0.91 52°43.5′N 124°29.2′W / 52.7250°N 124.4867°W / 52.7250; -124.4867
Baldface Mountain Polygenetic cone Trachyte, phonolite 2.52–2.37 52°32′3″N 124°45′1″W / 52.53417°N 124.75028°W / 52.53417; -124.75028
- Cinder cone Trachybasalt 2.22 52°38.5′N 124°26.6′W / 52.6417°N 124.4433°W / 52.6417; -124.4433
Whitetop Mountain Eroded cone? - - 52°38.9′N 124°33.4′W / 52.6483°N 124.5567°W / 52.6483; -124.5567
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