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Barbara is a female name used in many languages. It is the feminine form of the Greek word barbaros, which in turn represents "foreign". In Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, Barbara means barbarian or barbaric. The name remains among top 100 most popular for Chile and in Poland. The name was at #3 in the 1930s, though it has since declined. There are many celebrities under the name, including Barbara Stanwyck, Barbara Pierce Bush and Barbara Bates. Barbara also got used for several hurricanes in the Atlantic and many for the Eastern Pacific.


  • Saint Barbara
  • Bárbara, Brazilian footballer
  • Barbara Abart, Italian luger
  • Barbara Acklin, American soul singer
  • Barbara Adams, British egyptologist
  • Barbra Amesbury, formerly Bill Amesbury, Canadian singer-songwriter, composer and filmmaker
  • Barbara Bush, First Lady of the United States (1989–1993)
  • Barbara Castle, British politician
  • Barbara Kay, Canadian columnist
  • Barbara Keeley, British politician
  • Barbara Klerk, Belgian figure skater
  • Barbara Moore, New Zealand long-distance runner
  • Barbara Rafferty, Scottish actress
  • Barbara Rittner, German former tennis player
  • Barbara Riveros Diaz, Chilean triathlete
  • Barbara Stanwyck, American actress
  • Barbra Streisand, American actress and singer
  • Barbara Sturgeon, British broadcaster
  • Barbara Wagner, Canadian figure skater



  • Barbara, 1980 Argentine film
  • Barbara, 1997 Danish film directed by Nils Malmros, based on Jacobsen's novel
  • Barbara, 2012 German film
  • Barbara (TV series), a British sitcom
  • Barbara (album), by We Are Scientists


  • Barbara (genus), a genus of moths
  • 234 Barbara, an asteroid
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