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Barbie: Race & Ride
Barbie Race and Ride Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Runecraft
Publisher(s) Mattel Media
SCEE (Europe)
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s)

Barbie Race & Ride is a 1999 Barbie horse-related video game for the PlayStation. Its equestrianism-based gameplay makes it a spiritual predecessor to the Barbie Horse Adventures series.


Players can decide whether to play in 1-player mode or 2-player mode (in 2-player mode, they will not be able to clean and care for their horse). A player will choose an outfit for their character and then they'll pick their horse.

Before players can go out on one of the trails, they must go through a riding lesson. Once that's taken care of, they can go to four areas.

  • Beach
  • Forest
  • Meadow
  • Mountain

Of the four playable areas, only the Beach and the Meadow will let them race against other players.

There is also a "Secret Ranch," where players find a foal and win the game.


There are only four horses players can choose from: a palomino, a paint, a white, and a dapple gray. Barbie will explain the personality of each of the horses as the player moves their arrow among them. When a player selects their horse, they will be given a list of names to pick out, such as "Blaze," "Flash," "Ariel," "Beauty," "Duchess," or "Princess."