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Abhiman Singh Basnyat
Kaji Abhiman Singh Basnyat, a Basnet noble

Basnet (Nepali: बस्नेत) with ancient spelling Basnyat (Nepali: बस्न्यात) is a surname belonging to Kshetri caste in Nepal.

Basnet clans

Some of the Basnet clans are Shreepali Basnet, Khapatari Basnet, Khulal Basnet, Lamichhane Basnet and others.

Shreepali Basnet

Shreepali Basnet is clan among Basnet. They claim Bharadwaj Gotra. This clan was politically significant than other Basnet clans. Shivaram Singh Basnyat, the commander of Gorkhali forces belonged to Shreepali Basnet clan. Abhiman Singh Basnet was a minister of Kshetri caste.

Khapatari Basnet

Khapatari/Khabatari Basnet is another clan among Basnets. They claim Kaushik Gotra. Khabatari claim their lineage to Raghuvanshi King Ram. Some of the Khabatari Basnets were warriors in the Nepalese Army. Colonel Pahalman Singh Basnyat of this clan was awarded with the title of "Shree 1" prefix. General Singha Bahadur Basnyat, the Chief of Nepalese Army belonged to this clan.

Notable Basnets

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