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Native to Nepal, India, Bhutan
Ethnicity Khas people (incl. Gurkha)
Native speakers 17 million  (2007)
Language family
Writing system Devanagari
Nepali Braille
Official status
Official language in  Nepal
 India (in Sikkim and Darjeeling district, West Bengal)
Regulated by Language Academy of Nepal

The Nepali language is the official language of Nepal. Besides Nepal it is spoken in India, Bhutan and parts of Burma. In the Indian state West Bengal also it is an official language. This language is also known as Gorkhali Language or Khaskura. It is believed to have originated from the ancient Sanskrit language., from which it takes a lot of words. It is written in Devanagari style of writing which is similar to Hindi. It is spoken throughout Nepal and is the mother tongue of more than half of the population. It is also used by the Government of Nepal for all official purposes. In Nepal it is compulsory to study Nepali language as a subject until Grade 10 (High School).

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