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Battered sausage
Battered Sausage II.jpg
A battered sausage, sliced in half after cooking
Type Sausage
Place of origin United Kingdom
Main ingredients Sausage
Ingredients generally used Batter

Battered sausages are a type of sausage found all across Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

British and Irish battered sausage

The battered sausage is a standard menu item in fish and chip shops across Great Britain and Ireland, often described as an "essential" staple of the fish and chip shop menu. They are made up of a pork sausage dipped in batter (usually the same batter used to batter fish), and usually served with chips. A meal of battered sausage and chips is usually known as a 'battered sausage supper'.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, it may be referred to as a "battered sav" (saveloy is a type of sausage). This may also have given rise to the local expression "fair suck of the sav". In New Zealand, they can be found either with or without a stick inserted (similar to a corn dog). If served with the stick, it is referred to as a hot dog and usually dipped in a generous amount of tomato sauce and consumed immediately. In Australia, this variant may also be referred to as a Pluto Pup or a Dagwood Dog.

Nutritional information

There can be 750 calories in a typical battered sausage and chips, but this varies greatly.

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