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Fernando Pó
Native name:
Ëtulá Ëria
Map of Bioko
Location Gulf of Guinea
Area 2,017 km2 (779 sq mi)
Length 70 km (43 mi)
Width 32 km (19.9 mi)
Highest elevation 3,012 m (9,882 ft)
Highest point Pico Basile
Equatorial Guinea
Largest settlement Malabo (pop. 155,963 (2005 estimate))
Population 334,463 (2015 Census (preliminary))
Pop. density 165.8 /km2 (429.4 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Bubi (58%), Fang (16%), Fernandino (12%), Igbo (7%) (2002)

Bioko is an island 32 km (20 mi) off the west coast of Africa. It is the northernmost part of Equatorial Guinea. It is in the Bight of Bonny part of the Gulf of Guinea.

Bioko has a total area of 2,017 km2 (779 sq mi). It is 70 km (43 mi) long and about 32 km (20 mi) across. Its highest peak is Pico Basile at 3,012 m (9,882 ft).

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