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Genre Children's
Starring Robin Stevens
Narrated by Patricia Routledge
Composer(s) Paddy Kingsland
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 26
Production company(s) Ragdoll Productions
Distributor Ragdoll Productions
Original network ITV1 (CITV)
Original release 29 September 2005 (2005-09-29) – 2006

Blips is a British comedy children's television series from Ragdoll Productions, which first aired on CITV (on the ITV Network) on September 29, 2005. It starred Robin Stevens as Mr. Perfect and Patricia Routledge as the narrator. The 26 episodes were written by Alan Dapre & Robin Stevens. Since 2009, the show has been difficult to find, due to it not getting a home media release of any kind, and has been regarded as lost. The show features the 3D animated 'Blips' (a group of purple blobs that wreak havoc in each episode) characters alongside the main protagonist Mr Perfect.


In every episode, Mr. Perfect would aim to show the viewers how to perform a job or task perfectly. These are ranged from serving ice cream or using exercising equipment. Once it did it all once, the blips would rewind the footage before the narrator would say he was perfect at the job and start all over again. This time, the blips would ruin Mr. Perfect's work progress by setting traps or tampering with machines to make them go wrong. After this, Perfect would give up on doing the job or task, and the show would cut to the credits, with Perfect relaxing with a cup of tea and walking home.


Mr. Perfect

Portrayed by Robin Stevens, he is depicted as an everyman with an overly optimistic, goofy manner. He seems to be mute, using body language to communicate. His attire varies across each episode to fit the situation, but his main outfit consists of thick-framed glasses, tidy hair and a bright blue suit. Not much else is known about him. He lives in a white house where the Blips live.

The Blips

Purple-coloured alien-like beings that can take on various sizes and shapes. They live in Mr. Perfect’s house. A recurring comedic theme in the show is Perfect becoming suspicious of their existence due to the mishaps they cause, but never actually encountering them.


The first episode was broadcast on CITV in 2005, with reruns occurring spontaneously even after the final episode was produced until 2009.

Missing episodes

Like numerous other shows on CITV, the majority of, if not all of the episodes and their whereabouts are unknown, with frames from the episodes and an interactive webpage provided by Ragdoll being the only things intact. The overall lack of popularity of the show amongst its target audience compared to some of Ragdoll's other franchises and no home media release have likely contributed to this.

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