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Blue-grey mouse
Conservation status

Extinct  (1956) (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification

Blue-gray mouse refers to an Australian rodent, Pseudomys glaucus, that is only known by a few specimens found in Eastern Australia and since presumed to have become extinct.


The species was described by Oldfield Thomas in 1910. The number of specimens identified as Pseudomys glaucus is limited to three, two found in the northeastern state of Queensland and a single specimen collected to the south at Cryon in New South Wales.


A species of Pseudomys, Australian rodents that resemble the familiar house mouse Mus musculus. The body of Pseudomys glaucus was a robust with fine and dense fur, white at the underside and a pale blue-grey colour over the upperparts of the pelage. The measurements of the three known specimens are 95 millimetres for the head and body combined, with a tail that is slightly longer (100 mm) and displaying in white hairs. The weight range is 25 to 30 grams.

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