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Blue Mountains tree frog
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Ranoidea (genus)
Citropa distrib.PNG
Distribution of the Blue Mountains tree frog
  • Hyla citripoda Péron, 1807
  • Dendrohyas citropa Tschudi, 1838
  • Hyla (Dryopsophus) citropa Cochran, 1961
  • Hyla citropus Krefft, 1863
  • Hyla genolanensis Cochran, 1961
  • Litoria citropa Tyler, 1971
  • Litoria jenolanensis Copland, 1957
  • Dryopsophus citropa Wells and Wellington, 1985
  • Dryopsophus jenolanesis Wells and Wellington, 1985
  • Dryopsophus citropus Duellman, Marion, and Hedges, 2016
  • Ranoidea citropa Dubois and Frétey, 2016

The Blue Mountains tree frog (Litoria citropa) is a tree frog from Australia. It lives in New South Wales and Victoria.

These frogs can be 7 cm long. They are dark brown and light brown with a dark stripe over the eye going down the body. Parts of the legs and middle are bright orange. They have bright green patches of skin on their bodies.

They live in rocky streams in thick forests. They like streams with large numbers of plants in them.

They lay eggs 600-950 at a time in pools with slow-moving water. The eggs sink to the bottoms of the pools and stick to the rocks.

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