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Brachyurophis australis
Australian Coral Snake (23110064551).jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification

Simotes australis
Rhynchelaps australis
Austrelaps australis
Simoselaps australis

Brachyurophis australis is a species of snake from the family Elapidae (common names - eastern shovel-nosed snake, coral snake, Australian coral snake) and is a species endemic to Australia. Its common name reflects its shovel nose specialisation.


The eastern shovel-nosed snake is an oviparous, venomous, and a small (15 inches (380 mm)) mainly nocturnal, burrowing snake.


Brachyurophis australis is one of eight currently recognised species within the genus Brachyurophis. It was first described by Gerard Krefft in 1864 as Simotes australis.

Distribution & habitat

Brachyurophis australis is found in eastern Australia, in South Australia, Victoria, inland New South Wales and in eastern Queensland, in forest, savannah and shrubland.

Conservation status

The conservation status of B. australis is assessed by the Queensland Government as being of "Least Concern" and is similarly assessed by the IUCN.

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