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This article concerns the electric multiple unit used by South West Trains. For the diesel multiple unit used by Northern Ireland Railways see NIR Class 450

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British Rail Class 450 Desiro
450083 at Waterloo.jpg
450083 at Waterloo
In service 2003–
Manufacturer Siemens AG
Family name Desiro
Constructed 2001–2006
Entered service 2003–2006
Number built 127 trainsets
Formation 4 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers 450001–450042 450071–450127 450543–450570
Capacity 450/0 24 first class, 240 standard class per trainset - 450/5 240 standard class per trainset
Operator(s) South West Trains
Car body construction Aluminium
Car length 20.4 m (67 ft)
Width 2.796 m (9.17 ft)
Doors Plug sliding 1/4 and 3/4 position
Articulated sections Inter-unit and inter-vehicle flexible diaphragm
Maximum speed 100 mph (160 km/h)
Weight Total: 170 tonnes
Power supply Third rail
Electric system(s) 750V DC
Braking system(s) Air, regenerative
450 060 and another 450
450060 and an unidentified 450 between Berrylands and Surbiton. Note the flat roof at the rear of the units capable of being fitted with a pantograph.
SWT Classes 444 and 450 at London Waterloo
450040 at London Waterloo on 21 August 2007, with 444014

The British Rail Class 450 third rail DC EMU (or 4Des) began service during 2003. They are a part of the Siemens Desiro modular train family and are more popularly known as the 'Blue Desiro'. In standing with requirements of all new rolling stock for the South East region, provision has been made for future conversion to 25 kV AC overhead supply or dual voltage, although at present no trains have been fitted with a pantograph. Used for outer suburban services, the Class 450 is fitted with Standard and First accommodation. The unit has a maximum speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).

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