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Captain Fathom is an animated television series produced in 1965 by Cambria Studios. Like Cambria's other productions, Clutch Cargo and Space Angel, it was produced in Synchro-Vox. At least thirty five 30-minute episodes, all in color, were filmed. The episodes could be broken down into five 5-minute segments in cliffhanger format. Renowned comic book artist Alex Toth was the director.

This animated series was broadcast in Italy in syndication in the early '80s under 2 different titles: Avventure negli abissi (that means in English Adventures in the Abyss) and Captain Fathom.


Captain Bill Fathom was captain of a submarine called the Argonaut. He and his crew would have various adventures, similar to those of Clutch Cargo or Jonny Quest.


  • A Man Called Guppy
  • The Loss of the Argonaut (episodes 5-10)
  • Mission: Thunder Fire Island (episodes 11-15)
  • One for the Money, One for the Show
  • The Ice Trap (episodes 31-35)
  • Wanted Dead or Alive
  • The Light That Wailed
  • The Underseas Land Grab
  • The Shrieking Mountain (episodes 46-50)
  • Find a Hidden Prize (episodes 51-55)
  • The Pirates of Global Island
  • Pursuit of the Dinopisces
  • The Sub-Enchanted Garden (episodes 71-75)
  • Rustlers of the Sea Range (episodes 76-80)
  • Voyage to the Stone Age (episodes 81-85)
  • The Baron of Shark Island (episodes 86-90)
  • Ghost Ship (episodes 91-95)
  • The Whale and W.P. (episodes 96-100)
  • The Eye of the Mountain (episodes 111-115)
  • Xerog (episodes 116-120)
  • Project Meec
  • Phantom of Port Royal
  • Seldom Seem Sea Serpent
  • Deep Marauder
  • U-2 Rudolph
  • Pisastro's Private War (episodes 171-175)
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