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Central Atlas Tamazight
Native to Morocco
Region Central Morocco – Middle Atlas
Native speakers 3 million  (1998)
2.6 million (In Morocco only - 2004 census)
Language family
  • Berber
    • Northern Berber
      • Atlas
        • Central Atlas Tamazight
Writing system Tifinagh, Latin, Arabic
Official status
Regulated by IRCAM
Central Atlas Tamazight - EN.PNG
     Location of Central Atlas Tamazight speakersCentral Atlas Tamazight speakers are mostly distributed in a large, contiguous area in central Morocco.

Central Atlas Tamazight is a Berber language. It is of the Afro-Asiatic language family. it is spoken by 3 to 5 million people in Central Morocco, and by smaller communities in France and elsewhere. It is an official language of Morocco.

Central Atlas Tamazight is one of the four most-spoken Berber languages. The other ones are Kabyle, Shilha, and Riff.

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