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Footpath to Cockleroi - - 1147856.jpg
Pathway to Cockleroi
Highest point
Elevation 278 m (912 ft)
Prominence 59
Cockleroi is located in West Lothian
Location in West Lothian

Cockleroi or Cockleroy is a prominent hill in Scotland. It is Linlithgow's local hill. On its top there are some remains of an Iron Age's hill fort.


There are multiple explanations for the name Cockleroi. The most phonetically plausible is derivation from Gaelic *cochull-ruadh meaning "red cap, hood or mantle". Less convincing Gaelic derivations are *cachaileth ruadh, "red gate", *cuchailte ruadh, "red residence, seat". The name may be Brittonic and derived from *cloc-erjo- (from *clog, "rock, crag, steep cliff", Welsh clegyr), suffixed with rūδ, "red" (Welsh rhudd), but this requires double metathesis and unexplained reversion of -e- to –o-.

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