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Commander Australian Fleet
Active 1913–present
Country  Australia
Allegiance Australian Defence Force
Branch  Royal Australian Navy
Garrison/HQ Fleet Headquarters, Potts Point
Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer

Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSFLT), also referred to as Fleet Commander Australia (FCAUST), is a senior appointment in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), holding full command of all Navy combat forces and responsibility for all maritime operations within the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The rank associated with the position is rear admiral (two-star).

The title first came into use in 2007. Previous titles for the position since 1913 have been:

  • Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Fleet (1913–1926),
  • Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Squadron (1926–1949),
  • Flag Officer Commanding HM Australian Fleet (1949–1988, regularly abbreviated as FOCAF), and
  • Maritime Commander Australia (1988–2007 – MCAUST).


Prior to 1913, all naval activities and forces in Australian waters were controlled by the British Royal Navy. In 1859, Australia Station was established as a separate command of the Royal Navy, responsible for all the waters around the Australian continent, in addition to the British and Australian colonial possessions in the South Pacific. It was at this stage that the forerunner of Commander Australian Fleet, Officer Commanding Imperial Squadron Australian Station, was created. Between the Federation of Australia and formation of the Commonwealth Naval Forces in 1901 to the year of 1913, the Royal Navy began a process of transferring all command responsibility in Australian waters over to the Australian Government, as well as replacing equipment and personnel with Australian variants. The Commonwealth Naval Forces were renamed to Royal Australian Navy in 1911. With the transfer complete in 1913, the position of Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Fleet was formed, with control over all naval combat operations and forces; the post was renamed Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Squadron in 1926. Despite this position being a command of the RAN, the majority of occupants were Royal Navy officers attached to, or on loan to, the RAN.

In 1949, Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Squadron was redesignated Flag Officer Commanding HM Australian Fleet. This was followed by a renaming to Maritime Commander Australia in 1988, and more recently to Commander Australian Fleet in 2007. Throughout its existence, the command has administered Australian naval forces as they have been deployed for duty in the First World War, Second World War, Malayan Emergency, Korean War, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan and Iraq War, in addition to peacekeeping operations. The rank associated with this position today is rear admiral, however some of the earlier appointees held a different rank.

During the East Timor operations of 1999–2000, the then Maritime Commander Australia held the Task force designator Commander Task Force 627, which is probably still in use.

Role and responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of the Commander Australian Fleet is principally to "plan, prepare for, and conduct maritime operations for the protection and promotion of Australia's security and interests". With this directive, the operations carried out or planned by the Commander Australian Fleet or his staff fall into three distinct categories: defence of sovereign territory, protection of overseas trade and offshore resources, and contingencies.

The Commander Australian Fleet holds full command responsibility over RAN combat forces, and is responsible to the Chief of Navy—the administrative head of the RAN—for the execution of maritime tasks and training in regards to combat roles and operations. The Commander Australian Fleet additionally holds the role of Maritime Component Commander within Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC), responsible to the Chief of Joint Operations (CJOPS) as the head of naval activities within operational theatres.

The rear admiral's seagoing subordinate is Commodore, Warfare, previously Commodore, Flotillas (COMFLOT). This commodore is the designated ready task group commander.

Previous commanders

The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of Commander Australian Fleet or its preceding positions. However, the position of Officers Commanding Imperial Squadron Australian Station (1859–1913) is not included in this list as it was administered as a command of the Royal Navy, and existed before the formation of the Royal Australian Navy. The official title of the commander at that period of time is listed immediately before the officers who held that role. The rank and honours are as at the completion of the commander's term.

Rank Name Postnominals Service Term began Term ended
Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Fleet
Vice Admiral Patey, Sir GeorgeSir George Patey KCMG, KCVO RN 01913-06-2323 June 1913 01916-09-2222 September 1916
Rear Admiral Pakenham, Sir WilliamSir William Pakenham KCB, MVO RN 01916-09-2323 September 1916 01917-01-099 January 1917
Rear Admiral Leveson, ArthurArthur Leveson CB RN 01917-01-099 January 1917 01918-09-033 September 1918
Rear Admiral Halsey, Sir LionelSir Lionel Halsey KCMG, CB RN 01918-09-044 September 1918 01919-03-2121 March 1919
Rear Admiral Dumaresq, JohnJohn Dumaresq CB, CVO RN 01919-03-2222 March 1919 01922-04-2929 April 1922
Rear Admiral Addison, AlbertAlbert Addison CMG RN 01922-04-3030 April 1922 01924-04-3030 April 1924
Commodore Wardle, ThomasThomas Wardle DSO RN 01924-04-3030 April 1924 01926-04-3030 April 1926
Rear Admiral Commanding HM Australian Squadron
Rear Admiral Hyde, GeorgeGeorge Hyde CVO, CBE RAN 01926-04-3030 April 1926 01929-05-1717 May 1929
Rear Admiral Evans, EdwardEdward Evans CB, DSO RN 01929-05-1717 May 1929 01931-05-2929 May 1931
Commodore Holbrook, LeonardLeonard Holbrook MVO RN 01931-05-2929 May 1931 01932-04-077 April 1932
Rear Admiral Dalglish, RobinRobin Dalglish CB RN 01932-04-077 April 1932 01934-04-1919 April 1934
Rear Admiral Ford, WilbrahamWilbraham Ford CB RN 01934-04-1919 April 1934 01936-04-2020 April 1936
Rear Admiral Lane-Poole, RichardRichard Lane-Poole CB, OBE RN 01936-04-2020 April 1936 01938-04-2121 April 1938
Rear Admiral Custance, WilfredWilfred Custance CB RN 01938-04-2222 April 1938 01939-09-022 September 1939
Commodore Patterson, WilfridWilfrid Patterson CVO RN 01939-09-022 September 1939 01939-11-011 November 1939
Rear Admiral Crace, JohnJohn Crace CB RN 01939-11-011 November 1939 01942-06-1313 June 1942
Rear Admiral Crutchley, VictorVictor Crutchley VC, DSC RN 01942-06-1313 June 1942 01944-06-1313 June 1944
Commodore Collins, JohnJohn Collins CB RAN 01944-06-1313 June 1944 01944-10-2727 October 1944
Captain Nichols, CharlesCharles Nichols MVO RN 01944-10-2727 October 1944 01944-12-099 December 1944
Commodore Farncomb, HaroldHarold Farncomb CB, DSO, MVO RAN 01944-12-099 December 1944 01945-07-2222 July 1945
Commodore Collins, JohnJohn Collins CB RAN 01945-07-2222 July 1945 01946-11-099 November 1946
Rear Admiral Farncomb, HaroldHarold Farncomb CB, DSO, MVO RAN 01946-11-099 November 1946 01949-10-055 October 1949
Flag Officer Commanding HM Australian Fleet (FOCAF)
Rear Admiral Eccles, JohnJohn Eccles CB, CBE RN 01949-10-055 October 1949 01951-10-1010 October 1951
Rear Admiral Eaton, JohnJohn Eaton CB, DSO, DSC RN 01951-10-1010 October 1951 01953-12-1717 December 1953
Rear Admiral Dowling, RoyRoy Dowling CBE, DSO RAN 01953-12-1717 December 1953 01955-02-2323 February 1955
Rear Admiral Burrell, HenryHenry Burrell CBE RAN 01955-02-2828 February 1955 01956-06-077 June 1956
Rear Admiral Harries, DavidDavid Harries CBE RAN 01956-06-077 June 1956 01958-01-077 January 1958
Rear Admiral Burrell, HenryHenry Burrell CB, CBE RAN 01958-01-077 January 1958 01959-01-2020 January 1959
Rear Admiral Gatacre, GalfreyGalfrey Gatacre DSO, DSC & Bar RAN 01959-01-2020 January 1959 01959-12-2222 December 1959
Rear Admiral Harrington, HastingsHastings Harrington CB, CBE, DSO RAN 01959-12-2222 December 1959 01962-01-088 January 1962
Rear Admiral McNicoll, AlanAlan McNicoll CBE, GM RAN 01962-01-088 January 1962 01964-01-066 January 1964
Rear Admiral Becher, OttoOtto Becher CBE, DSO, DSC & Bar RAN 01964-01-066 January 1964 01965-01-1010 January 1965
Rear Admiral Morrison, ThomasThomas Morrison CBE, DSC RAN 01965-01-1010 January 1965 01966-01-2929 January 1966
Rear Admiral Smith, VictorVictor Smith CBE, DSC RAN 01966-01-2929 January 1966 01967-01-2020 January 1967
Rear Admiral Peek, RichardRichard Peek OBE, DSC RAN 01967-01-2020 January 1967 01968-03-1818 March 1968
Rear Admiral Crabb, GordonGordon Crabb CBE, DSC RAN 01968-03-1818 March 1968 01970-01-066 January 1970
Rear Admiral Stevenson, DavidDavid Stevenson CBE RAN 01970-01-066 January 1970 01971-04-1414 April 1971
Rear Admiral Dovers, WilliamWilliam Dovers CBE, DSC RAN 01971-04-1414 April 1971 01972-01-2424 January 1972
Rear Admiral Stevenson, DavidDavid Stevenson CBE RAN 01972-01-2424 January 1972 01972-04-011 April 1972
Rear Admiral Dovers, WilliamWilliam Dovers CBE, DSC RAN 01972-04-011 April 1972 01973-01-2323 January 1973
Rear Admiral Synnot, AnthonyAnthony Synnot CBE RAN 01973-01-2323 January 1973 01974-02-044 February 1974
Rear Admiral Wells, DavidDavid Wells CBE RAN 01974-02-044 February 1974 01975-11-1717 November 1975
Rear Admiral Gladstone, GeoffreyGeoffrey Gladstone AO, DSC & Bar RAN 01975-11-1717 November 1975 01977-04-1616 April 1977
Rear Admiral McDonald, NeilNeil McDonald AO RAN 01977-04-1616 April 1977 01978-05-088 May 1978
Rear Admiral Willis, JamesJames Willis AO RAN 01978-05-088 May 1978 01979-04-1212 April 1979
Rear Admiral Leach, DavidDavid Leach CBE, LVO RAN 01979-04-1212 April 1979 01980-05-1616 May 1980
Rear Admiral Doyle, PeterPeter Doyle AO, OBE RAN 01980-05-1616 May 1980 01981-06-011 June 1981
Rear Admiral Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens RAN 01981-06-011 June 1981 01982-03-1616 March 1982
Rear Admiral Hudson, MichaelMichael Hudson RAN 01982-03-1515 March 1982 01983-10-2121 October 1983
Rear Admiral Woolrych, GeoffreyGeoffrey Woolrych AO RAN 01983-10-2121 October 1983 01985-05-033 May 1985
Rear Admiral Knox, IanIan Knox AO RAN 01985-05-033 May 1985 01987-01-066 January 1987
Rear Admiral Sinclair, PeterPeter Sinclair AO RAN 01987-01-066 January 1987 01988-09-022 September 1988
Maritime Commander Australia (MCAUST)
Rear Admiral Sinclair, PeterPeter Sinclair AO RAN 01988-09-022 September 1988 01989-01-066 January 1989
Rear Admiral MacDougall, IanIan MacDougall RAN 01989-01-066 January 1989 01990-07-099 July 1990
Rear Admiral Doolan, KenKen Doolan AO RAN 01990-07-099 July 1990 01991-11-077 November 1991
Rear Admiral Walls, RobertRobert Walls AO RAN 01991-11-077 November 1991 01993-12-099 December 1993
Rear Admiral Chalmers, DonaldDonald Chalmers AO RAN 01993-12-077 December 1993 01995-04-1313 April 1995
Rear Admiral Oxenbould, ChrisChris Oxenbould AO RAN 01995-04-1414 April 1995 01997-02-1111 February 1997
Rear Admiral Ritchie, ChrisChris Ritchie AM RAN 01997-02-1111 February 1997 01999-05-1717 May 1999
Rear Admiral Lord, JohnJohn Lord AM RAN 01999-05-1818 May 1999 02000-07-1212 July 2000
Rear Admiral Smith, GeoffreyGeoffrey Smith AM RAN 02000-07-1212 July 2000 02002-07-2020 July 2002
Rear Admiral Gates, RaydonRaydon Gates CSM RAN 02002-07-2020 July 2002 02004-06-2828 June 2004
Rear Admiral Moffitt, RowanRowan Moffitt AM RAN 02004-06-2828 June 2004 02005-07-044 July 2005
Rear Admiral Thomas, DavydDavyd Thomas AM, CSC RAN 02005-07-044 July 2005 02007-02-011 February 2007
Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSFLT)
Rear Admiral Thomas, DavydDavyd Thomas AM, CSC RAN 02007-02-011 February 2007 02007-07-01July 2007
Rear Admiral Coates, NigelNigel Coates AM RAN 02007-07-01July 2007 02009-10-088 October 2009
Rear Admiral Gilmore, SteveSteve Gilmore AM, CSC RAN 02009-10-088 October 2009 02011-12-2121 December 2011
Rear Admiral Barrett, TimTim Barrett AO, CSC RAN 02011-12-2222 December 2011 02014-06-1212 June 2014
Rear Admiral Mayer, StuartStuart Mayer AO, CSC & Bar RAN 02014-06-1212 June 2014 Incumbent


"HM" (His/Her Majesty's) is not always included when referring to these titles.

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