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Compound words are words that add together to make a new word, like the word side and walk, to make sidewalk. These words often develop over time. They can start as two words joined with a hyphen, and then become a compound word. There are three types of compound words; closed, hyphenated and open. A closed compound word is joined into one word like keyboard or makeup. A hyphenated word is two words joined with a hyphen like mother-in-law. Open compound words are words which are used together like police station, or fire engine.

Common compound words

This is a short list with some common compound words.

  • newspaper
  • pigtail
  • handbag
  • sandbox
  • sometimes
  • basketball
  • elsewhere
  • peppermint
  • cannot
  • baseball
  • fireworks
  • grandmother
  • elsewhere
  • upside
  • together
  • sunflower
  • crosswalk
  • become
  • basketball
  • moonlight
  • football
  • railroad
  • anybody
  • weatherman
  • skateboard
  • earthquake
  • everything
  • grasshopper
  • inside
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