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Connolly Basin crater
Connolly Basin Western Australia.jpg
Landsat image of the Connolly Basin crater (circular feature in centre); screen capture from NASA World Wind
Impact crater/structure
Confidence Confirmed
Diameter 9 km (5.6 mi)
Depth 25–30 m (82–98 ft)
Age <60 Ma
Exposed Yes
Drilled No
Location Gibson Desert
Coordinates 23°32.3′S 124°45.4′E / 23.5383°S 124.7567°E / -23.5383; 124.7567
Country Australia
State Western Australia
Connolly Basin crater is located in Western Australia
Connolly Basin crater
Location in Western Australia
Access Talawana Track

Connolly Basin is a 9 km-diameter impact crater located in the Gibson Desert of central Western Australia. It lies adjacent to the Talawana Track 45 km west of the junction (Windy Corner) with the Gary Highway, but is difficult to access due to the remoteness of the area. It was originally thought to be a diapir (salt dome); an impact origin was first proposed in 1985.,


Connolly Basin Western Australia oblique
Oblique Landsat image draped over digital elevation data (x10 vertical exaggeration), Connolly Basin crater (circular depression in centre); screen capture from NASA World Wind

The depression has a topographic rim 25–30 m high, while the centre displays a slight circular rise about 1 km in diameter and 5 m high exposing strongly deformed and steeply dipping bedrock interpreted as a central uplift., Sedimentary rocks comprising the rim are of Early Cretaceous to Palaeogene age, while uplifted rocks in the centre are likely of Early Permian age, all part of the Canning Basin; the impact event itself is inferred to be of Paleocene (early Paleogene) age or later.,

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