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Crested oarfish
Lophotus lacepede.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
L. lacepede
Binomial name
Lophotus lacepede
Giorna, 1809

The crested oarfish (Lophotus lacepede) is a species of crestfish in the family Lophotidae. It is an oceanodromous fish ranging from waters 0–92 meters deep, but may get stranded in shallow waters.

Distribution and habitat

The crested oarfish lives in warm seas, near areas such as the Western Atlantic, Western Indian Ocean, Eastern Atlantic, and the Eastern Pacific, in the oceanic and mesopelagic zone.

Description and ecology

They have a maximum length of 200 centimeters, but are often are only 100 centimeters in length. It has an ink sack near the cloaca, and discharges ink out of it when it feels alarmed. Its prey are squids, and fishes such as anchovies. It is oviparous, and lays planktonic eggs.


The crested oarfish are likely found in marine protected areas, and have no specific conservation measures in place, and no specific threats. The IUCN Red List lists this as a least concern species.

A crested oarfish at the Dubrovnik Nautral History Museum

Synonymised names

Placed by the WoRMS.

  • Leptopus peregrinus Rafinesque, 1814
  • Lophotes cristatus Johnson, 1863 (misspelling)
  • Lophotus cepedianus Cloquet, 1823
  • Lophotus cristatus Johnson, 1863
  • Lophotus lacepedei Giorna, 1809 (misspelling)
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