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Portland, Oregon contains six public school districts, many private schools, as well as public and private colleges and universities including Portland State University, the largest public university in Oregon.

Public elementary and secondary education

District Enrollment
Portland Schools 46,000
Reynolds School District 10,700
David Douglas School District 9,500
Centennial School District 6,700
Parkrose School District 3,700
Riverdale 220

Portland is served by six school districts, Parkrose, David Douglas, Centennial, Reynolds, Riverdale, and Portland Public. The largest, Portland Public School District consists of about 100 schools covering, in various combinations, grades kindergarten through 12, as well as 50 special education programs. The number of students in the school district is approximately 53,000 — an enrollment of over 90% of the available school-age children, a higher percentage than other large urban school districts. Some of the elementary schools include; Abernethy, Hollyrood, Bridlemile, and Peninsula. Some of the K8 schools are Martin Luther King Jr., Harvey Scott, Bridger, and Hayhurst. Some of the middle schools are Jackson, George, and Mt. Tabor.

Parkrose and David Douglas school districts are also fully contained within the city. The Parkrose District has a single high school, a middle school and four elementary schools.

Portland high schools

School name District Established Enrollment Notable alumni
Benson Polytechnic High School Portland Public A. C. Green
Cleveland High School Portland Public Phil Knight
David Douglas High School David Douglas
Franklin High School Portland Public
Grant High School Portland Public Terrell Brandon, Sally Struthers, Beverly Cleary, Thomas M. Lauderdale
Jefferson High School Portland Public Terry Baker, Aaron Miles
Lincoln High School Portland Public Mel Blanc, Elliott Smith, Matt Groening, Peter Jacobsen, S. David Griggs
Madison High School Portland Public
Marshall High School Portland Public
Mount Scott Alternative High School Portland Public
Parkrose High School Parkrose Michael Allen Harrison, Susan J. Helms
Roosevelt High School Portland Public
Metropolitan Learning Center Portland Public
Riverdale Riverdale 1888 220
Woodrow Wilson High School Portland Public Damon Stoudamire, Wayne Twitchell, Dale Murphy

Private primary and secondary education

The region also has a number of private schools, including: Catlin Gabel School, Central Catholic High School, De La Salle North Catholic High School, Franciscan Montessori Earth School & Saint Francis Academy, French American International School, The International School, The Northwest Academy, Oregon Episcopal School, St. Mary's Academy, Trinity Academy, Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Portland Waldorf School, Portland Jewish Academy, Village Free School, Holy Family Catholic School, Columbia Christian Schools, Portland Christian Schools, Pacific Crest Community School, Village Home Education Resource Center and Choices Independent Learning, Summa Academy and Portland Adventist Academy.

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