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Lewis & Clark College
A very large brick house surrounded by trees
The M. Lloyd Frank Estate- a building at the center of Lewis & Clark College campus
Established 1867
President Barry Glassner
Academic staff
Undergraduates 2,039
Postgraduates 1,553
Location , ,

Lewis & Clark College is a private university in Portland, Oregon. The school was formed in 1867, and has about 3,600 students, and about 150 teachers.


The college started in 1867 in Albany, Oregon as part of the Presbyterian Church. At that time is was called Albany Collegiate Institute. The first class graduated in 1873. In 1905 the school changed its name to Albany College and started giving Bachelor of Arts degrees. The school opened a campus in Portland in 1934. The Portland campus was very popular, so the school decided to move there. The school opened a much larger campus in Portland in 1942, and renamed the school Lewis & Clark College, to honor the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In 1966, the school stopped being part of a church and became a secular school.


In 2013 Lewis & Clark College had 2,039 undergraduate students and 1,553 graduate students. The school has 29 majors. The most popular major is Social Science. 64% of students who apply to the school are accepted. In 2013 tuition was $41,928 a year. 60% of students are female, and 40% of students are male. The school does not have any fraternities or sororities.

Some notable graduates of the school are:

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