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Eikyū (永久) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Ten'ei and before Gen'ei. This period started in July 1113 and ended in April 1118. The reigning emperor was Emperor Toba-tennō (鳥羽天皇).

Events of the Eikyū Era

  • 1113 (Eikyū 1, 4th month): Fujiwara Tadasane was given the office of kampaku.
  • 1113 (Eikyū 1, 4th month): Emperor Toba visited Matsunoo-taisha and the Kitano Tenman-gū.
  • 1113 (Eikyū 1, 10th month): Toba visited the temples on Mount Hiei near Kyoto.
  • 1113 (Eikyū 1, 11th month ): Toba visited the Inari Shrine and the Yasaka Shrine which was then called the "Gion Shrine".

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