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Eleanor Lee
Eleanor Yu Kai-xin

(1999-10-12) 12 October 1999 (age 24)
Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality Singaporean
Alma mater Beijing Film Academy
  • Actress
  • singer
  • model
Years active 2014–present
  • Peter Yu (father)
  • Quan Yi Fong (mother)
Relatives Addy Lee (godfather)
Musical career
Genres Mandopop
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • piano
  • drums
Stage name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu Pinyin Lǐ Kǎi-Xīn
Wade–Giles Li Kʻai-Hsin
Tongyong Pinyin Li Kai-Sin
Jyutping Lei5 Hoi2 Hing1
Hokkien POJ Lí Khái-heng
Tâi-lô Lí Khái-hing
Birth name (Yu Kai-xin)
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu Pinyin Yú Kǎi-Xīn
Wade–Giles Yu Kʻai-Hsin
Tongyong Pinyin Yu Kai-Sin
Jyutping Jyu4 Hoi2 Hing1
Hokkien POJ Jû Khái-heng
Tâi-lô Jû Khái-hing

Eleanor Lee Kai-xin (born 12 October 1999) is a Singaporean actress, singer and model based in China. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Lee gained popularity after starring in the romance school-based drama series, The Big Boss, where she played the role of Ye Muxi.

Early life and education

Eleanor Yu Kai-xin (Chinese: 俞凱馨; pinyin: Yú Kǎixīn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Jû Khái-heng) was born on October 12, 1999, in Taipei, Taiwan to 25-year-old Quan Yi Fong and 31-year-old Peter Yu. She was born by caesarean section during a aftershock of the 1999 Jiji earthquake. Just after her birth, she was adopted by Addy Lee as his goddaughter. She has two younger paternal half-brother Christian (born 2012) and Israel (born 2016). She is of Chinese descent, her mother is from Taiwan and her father has Teochew ancestry.

On January 3, 2009, her parents filed for divorce, leaving her in the custody of both parents. She was then under maternal care by her mother after her parents decided to part ways amicably. Her father and her met once a few years ago, gave each other their blessings, and decided not to keep in contact. During her 14th birthday party sponsored by Addy Lee, she announced the adoption of her godfather's surname.

Lee was educated at Tao Nan School before studying at Nexus International School Singapore. Prior to becoming an actress, she was a model for Addyli Hair Care Product, founded by Addy Lee. In July 2017, she was admitted into Beijing Film Academy.


In 2014, Apple's China branch was auditioning for someone to star as the female lead in their micro film, The Old Record, but were unable to find a suitable candidate. Addy Lee chanced upon the news, and recommended Lee to audition for the role. In the end, she was selected. When The Old Record was released on February 2, 2015, she garnered huge amount of attention from the public, and was subsequently signed to Beijing Summer Star Media Co. Ltd.

Since then, Lee was constantly involved in filming advertisements and dramas in China, and in 2015, she was chosen by Cao Dun to play the younger version of Xu Lu's character in Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy. In November 2015, Lee collaborated with Wu Qiang, producing two pieces of artwork that were to be sold at $13,500 each. She then released her first song, "Noble Aspirations" with Wu Junyu, as the theme song of Noble Aspirations.

In March 2017, Lee starred as one of the leads in Solaso Bistro, based on the Japanese drama A Restaurant with Many Problems. In June 2017, she was cast as the female lead in Chinese drama, Overseas Security Officer, alongside Leon Lai. In September 2017, Lee played the female lead in the campus drama, The Big Boss. In October 2017, she released her first single, "That Girl". She continued to release two more singles the same year; "Ink Pen and Eraser", as well as self composed single titled "Be Together".

In 2018, Lee was cast in the Chinese fantasy drama My Poseidon, followed by drama Blowing in the Wind.

In 2020, Lee starred in the romance fantasy web film The Enchanting Phantom, adapted from the 1987 film A Chinese Ghost Story. She also starred in starred in the youth romance drama My Love, Enlighten Me, and historical romance drama Fake Princess.



Year Title Role Notes Ref
2020 The Enchanting Phantom (倩女幽魂人间情) Nie Xiaoqian Web film
0TBA A Zebra - Riding Boy (纸骑兵) Qingqing
0TBA L.A. Rush (加州游戏) Nicole

Television series

Year Title Role Notes Ref
2010 The Illusionist 魔幻视界 Irene Chan (child)
2017 Solaso Bistro 问题餐厅 Yuan Qianjia
The Big Boss 班长大人 Ye Muxi
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Su Yuning (young)
2018 Overseas Security Officer 非常营救 An Da
2019 My Poseidon 我的波塞冬 An Fei
Blowing in the Wind 强风吹拂 Lin Feng
2020 My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 Liu Nuannuan
Fake Princess Liu Yuyao / Chang Le


Year Title Album Notes Ref
2016 "Noble Aspirations" 青云志 Noble Aspirations OST with Wu Junyu
2017 "Youth Stage" 青春上演 The Big Boss OST with Dai Jingyao
"Your Shadow" 你的身影
"That Girl" 那个女孩
"Ink Pen and Eraser" 墨水笔与橡皮擦
"Be Together" 在一起
2019 "It is Raining, Where are You" 下雨了,你在哪里 My Poseidon OST with Zhang Yunlong
"My Ocean" 我的海洋
"Faster Come Back" 快回来吧 Blowing in The Wind OST
"The Whole World's Secrets" 全世界的秘密 with Xing Zhaolin
2020 "The Best Luck" 最好的幸运 My Love, Enlighten Me OST

Awards and nominations

Year Ceremony Category Nominated work Result
2021 Star Awards 2021 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes N/A Top 30
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