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Emperor Yingzong of Ming
Portrait assis de l'empereur Ming Yingzong.jpg
6th Emperor of the Ming dynasty
1st reign 7 February 1435 – 1 September 1449
Coronation 7 February 1435
Predecessor Xuande Emperor
Successor Jingtai Emperor
8th Emperor of the Ming dynasty
2nd reign 11 February 1457 – 23 February 1464
Predecessor Jingtai Emperor
Successor Chenghua Emperor
Born 29 November 1427
Died 23 February 1464(1464-02-23) (aged 36)
Burial Yuling, Ming tombs, Beijing
Empress Xiaozhuangrui (m. 1442–1464)

Empress Xiaosu (–1464)
Issue Chenghua Emperor
Zhu Jianlin
Zhu Jianshu
Zhu Jianze
Zhu Jianjun
Zhu Jianzhi
Zhu Jianpei
Princess Chongqing
Princess Jiashan
Princess Chun'an
Princess Chongde
Princess Guangde
Princess Yixing
Princess Longqing
Princess Jiaxiang
Full name
Surname: Zhu ()
Given name: Qizhen (祁鎮)
Era dates
  • Zhengtong (正統): 18 January 1436 – 13 January 1450
  • Tianshun (天順): 15 February 1457 – 26 January 1465
Posthumous name
Emperor Fatian Lidao Renming Chengjing Zhaowen Xianwu Zhide Guangxiao Rui
Temple name
Ming Yingzong
House House of Zhu
Father Xuande Emperor
Mother Empress Xiaogongzhang
Yan Miao - eastern stele pavilion - Zhengtong 6 - seen from W - P1050439
Stele commemorating rebuilding of the Temple of Yan Hui in Qufu in 1441 (6th year of the Zhengtong era)

Zhu Qizhen (Chinese: 朱祁鎮; 29 November 1427 – 23 February 1464) was the sixth and eighth Emperor of the Ming dynasty. He ascended the throne as the Zhengtong Emperor (Chinese: 正統; pinyin: Zhèngtǒng; literally "right governance") in 1435, but was forced to abdicate in 1449, in favour of his younger brother the Jingtai Emperor, after being captured by the Mongols during the Tumu Crisis. In 1457, he deposed Jingtai and ruled again as the Tianshun Emperor (Chinese: 天順; pinyin: Tiānshùn; literally "obedience to Heaven") until his death in 1464. His temple name is Yingzong (英宗).

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