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Enchanted Forest Water Safari
Enchanted Forest Water Safari Gate.jpg
The park's front gate.
Location Old Forge, New York, U.S.
Opened July 7, 1956 (1956-07-07)
Previous names The Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks (1956-1988)
Status Operating

Enchanted Forest Water Safari (originally, The Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks) is an amusement park/water park in Old Forge, New York.


The park was opened as The Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks in 1956 by A. Richard Cohen, a hardware store owner and commissioner for the Adirondack Authority in charge of the development of ski centres on Whiteface and Gore mountains. When opened, it had 35 employees and encompassed 35 acres (140,000 m2) of swampland. Admission was $1 for adults and 25¢ for children. Over time, the park expanded in size to its present 60 acres (240,000 m2).

The design for the park, incorporating a large circus tent and a series of houses with themes from children's nursery rhymes and fairy tales, was based upon research by Cohen's daughter and wife, whom he sent to several amusement parks across the country to study how they worked. Concept watercolor paintings for the park were done by Russell Patterson, who also worked on the designs of the several individual fairy tale houses in the park.

The only mechanical ride at the park in 1956 was a train, the Enchanted Forest Express, that traveled around the park. However, this changed during the 1960s when more rides were introduced to the park.

In 1977, Cohen sold the park to the Noonan family. In 1988, the park's name was changed to Enchanted Forest Water Safari, after a major expansion that added numerous waterslides to the park. (two 350-foot (110 m) waterslides) that had been added in 1984.

Rides and attractions

Entrance to Enchanted Forest in 1973

Water rides

  • Amazon - A 1,100-foot (340 m) family tube ride through jungle scenery.
  • Black River - A 500-foot-long (150 m) double tube slide that is completely dark, except for a few sections that have air-holes in the slide.
  • Bombay Blasters - Two fully enclosed body slides, one a bit taller than the other, that end with a splash in Lake Nakura.
  • Cascade Falls - A 500-foot (150 m) family tube ride that's full of twists and turns, and ends in a pool at the bottom.
  • Curse of the Silverback - A "toilet-bowl" type double-tube ride that starts with a fully enclosed drop, and then emerges to spiral around a bowl, before exiting the bowl and ending in a small pool.
  • Kid Wash - A car-wash themed walk-through ride for small children.
  • Killermanjaro's Revenge - Added in 2020, opening in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lake Nakura - A safari-themed area featuring a small free-swim swimming pool and a second pool where swimmers test their strength crossing a ropes course to the other side. The third pool is the splash zone for the Bombay Blasters and Nairobi Narrows.
  • Log Jammer - A lazy river type ride that includes a mini-wavepool.
  • Mamba Strike - Added in 2020, opening in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nairobi Narrows - Two parallel short but steep body slides that end in Lake Nakura.
  • Pygmy Pond - A children's area featuring small slides and some swings; also three slides for small children.
  • Raging Rapids - A fast and bumpy single-tube ride down 700 feet (210 m) with caves and waterfalls.
  • Rondaxe Run - Another double-tube slide featuring a number of enclosed and open sections with loads of waterfalls and banked turns in between.
  • Safari River Expedition - A lazy river type ride with a few waterfalls and water spouts
  • Sawmill - A small area for families where children can climb up towers and go down several different slides. The sawmill features two slides for children, a slightly more intense one, and at the top, a very curvy slide. At the bottom of the sawmill, there are jets and water spouts to play with. Every so often a log at the top of the sawmill will dump water over everyone in the splash zone.
  • Serengeti Stampede - Added in 2020, opening in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Shadow - Two fully enclosed, transparent and speedy slides ending in a pool.
  • Tidal Wave Pool - A 1/4 acre wave pool with waves up to four feet tall.
  • Walter's Wild Slide - Only for children, it is similar to the Serengeti Surf Hill, but without the mat. Children sit down and race each other to the bottom.

Amusement rides

  • Boats
  • Bumper Cars
  • Carousel - A carousel built in 1920 that debuted in 1975.
  • Enchanted Forest Express - A ridable miniature railway that offers views of parts of the park.
  • Ferris Wheel - A classic Ferris wheel that fits up to two people per car.
  • Flivver Cars - Kiddie cars that take guests around the back of the park.
  • Helicopters - A helicopter ride where participants can choose how high they want to go.
  • Rock-o-planes - A Ferris wheel with seats that flip upside down. On most of the cars guests can control the position.
  • Round-up - A classic ride where guests stand inside a spinning wheel, and are pushed against the sides by centrifugal force, while the ride tilts.
  • Scrambler
  • Sky Ride - A chairlift that goes slowly across the park and back.
  • Tilt-a-whirl

Former rides

Water rides

  • Serengeti Surf Hill - A speedy race where performed on mats, where up to four participants race.
  • Killermanjaro - A fast speed slide featuring a 280-foot (85 m) drop (consisting of a pre-drop and then a second drop) that reaches speeds near 30 mph (48 km/h).

Calypso's Cove

Adjoining the park is Calypso's Cove, a small amusement park which includes an arcade, go-karts, rock climbing, mini-golf, batting cages, bumper boats, and a zip line.

Other information

In addition to the water and amusement rides, the park also has two daily circus shows (at noon and at 4 pm), a petting zoo, a small museum dedicated to the park, and multiple video game arcades and side show games throughout the park. The park has a no smoking policy, but areas are designated for those who wish to smoke. Dogs on leashes are allowed in the park.

The park also has an area in the back dedicated to circus performances such as acrobatics and animal shows.

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