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Erigeron cervinus
Scientific classification

'Erigeron delicatus Cronquist

Erigeron cervinus is a North American species of flowering plant in the daisy family known by the common names Siskiyou fleabane and Siskiyou fleabane daisy.

Erigeron cervinus is native to the Klamath Mountains of northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. This uncommon wildflower is a perennial herb reaching heights of 15 to 30 centimeters (8-12 inches). Its leaves may be up to 12 centimeters (5 inches) long and are vaguely spoon-shaped. The erect stems hold inflorescences of 1 to 4 flower heads. Each head is about a centimeter (0.4 inches) wide and has a center of golden yellow disc florets surrounded by a fringe of ray florets which are usually white.

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