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Genesis could mean:


  • Sega Genesis, a gaming console
  • X-COM: Genesis, a computer game



  • Bertone Genesis, a concept car
  • GE Genesis, a locomotive
  • Genesis class, a class of Royal Caribbean cruise ships
  • Hyundai Genesis and Hyundai Genesis Coupe


  • Genesis (spacecraft), a NASA probe that collected solar wind samples
  • Genesis I, a private spacecraft produced by Bigelow Aerospace
  • Genesis II, the twin spacecraft to Genesis I


  • Genesis (band), an English band
    • Genesis (album)
  • Genesis (Busta Rhymes album)
  • Genesis (Colombian rock band)
  • Genesis (Job for a Cowboy album)
  • Genesis (Rotting Christ album)
  • Genesis (Talisman album)
  • Genesis (The Gods album)
  • The Genesis, a 2002 album by Yngwie J. Malmsteen
  • Genesis, a 2000 album by Coprofago


  • Book of Genesis, the first book of Jewish and Christian Bibles
  • Genesis (DC Comics), a major 1997 crossover of DC Comics
  • Genesis (comics), a Marvel Comics villain
  • Genesis (Final Fantasy), a character in Final Fantasy VII
  • GENESIS (science fiction), a fictional laser in the Gundam metaseries
  • Genesis Planet, a fictional planet in the Star Trek universe
  • Genesis, a fictional comics character who possesses Jesse Custer
  • Genesis, a novel by Paul Chafe
  • "Genesis" (story), a 1951 story by H. Beam Piper
  • "Genesis", a 1995 story by Poul Anderson
  • Genesis (novel), a 2000 expansion by Anderson of the 1995 story


  • "Genesis" (Heroes), the pilot episode of Heroes
  • "Genesis" (Quantum Leap episode)
  • "Genesis" (Sliders), an episode of Sliders
  • "Gensis" (Survivors), an episode of Survivors
  • "Genesis" (TNG episode), an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Genesis Awards, some television awards
  • Genesis Entertainment, a News Corporation subsidiary
  • Genesis Television Network, an American religious network
  • TNA Genesis, a professional wrestling pay-per-view program
  • Zoids: Genesis, the fifth anime installment of the Zoids franchise
  • Genesis (Air Gear), a fictional Air Trek team in Air Gear


  • Genesis (film), a 2004 documentary film
  • Genesis (1986 film) a Hindi film by Mrinal Sen


  • GENESIS (software), GEneral NEural SImulation System
  • Genesis3D, a software library
  • Genesis LPMud, the original LPMud
  • !Genesis multimedia application creator by Oak Solutions.


  • -genesis, a suffix that denotes creation
  • Genesis (Panavision), a high-definition camera by Panavision
  • Genesis Rock, a sample of lunar crust retrieved by Apollo 15 astronauts
  • Genesis Energy, a solar company

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