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Gertrude's Secrets
Gertrude's Secrets Apple II Cover.png
Apple II Cover art
Developer(s) The Learning Company
Publisher(s) The Learning Company
Platform(s) Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS
Release date(s) 1984
Genre(s) Edutainment
Mode(s) Single-player

Gertrude's Secrets is a 1984 children's edutainment video game by The Learning Company.

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles and find secrets along with the game's title character, Gertrude the goose. It features a variety of puzzles involving basic recognition of shapes, colors and patterns. The puzzles are designed to develop basic skills of logic and reasoning. A companion game, Gertrude's Puzzles was released at the same time. Gertrude's Secrets was released for DOS, Commodore 64, and the Apple II.


Gertrude's Secrets features rooms filled with puzzles to be solved by arranging objects by shape and colour. It is played by dragging Gertrude the Puzzle Bird into one of the various rooms. Gertrude then brings various shapes into the rooms which have to be arranged appropriately. Upon completion of the puzzle, Gertrude awards the player with a prize called a "treasure" which is stored in the player's treasure room. Puzzle types include "loop" and train puzzles.

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