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The run the pitcher takes from the mound to first base in order to cover for the first baseman who has just fielded the ball.


A home run or to hit a home run. "Hitting a jack" or "Jacking one out of here".


Half-hearted or lazy effort by a player, i.e. "He jaked that play."


  • To pitch far enough inside that the batter is unable to extend while swinging. "The pitcher jammed the batter." The batter was "handcuffed" or "shackled" by the pitch.
  • When runners are in scoring position with less than two outs and good hitters coming up. "The pitcher is in a jam."
  • The "bases are jammed" (or loaded or full) when there are runners on all three.

janitor throw

When an outfielder, trying to throw hard, spins or falls down.


A Punch and Judy hitter who hits with little power.


  • A fielder is said to get a good jump on the ball when he anticipates or reacts quickly to a batted ball and is thereby able to make a good play by fielding or catching it. Also see crack of the bat.
  • A baserunner gets a good jump when he is able to leave the base well before the pitch reaches the plate. "Upsetting the timing of the baserunner can effectively prevent him from getting a good jump ... Base runners often read a pitcher's look and get their jump, or start, based on the pattern the pitcher establishes."

Junior Circuit

The American League, so-called because it is the younger of the two major leagues. The American League was founded in 1901, while the National League – the Senior Circuit – was founded in 1876.


breaking balls and knuckleballs, pitches that are hard to hit due to movement rather than velocity. "I couldn't believe he threw me a fastball because he had me down 1-2", Thames said. "He's usually a junk pitcher and he tried to sneak a fastball past me, and he left it up." See also: Eephus pitch

junkball pitcher

A pitcher who throws predominantly junk, usually due to a weak (or slow) fastball. A junkballer or a junk artist: "Like all junk artists, Trujillo will have to prove himself at the higher levels before getting a shot at a major league job." See also: Eephus pitch
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