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Coordinates: 52°26′19″N 5°45′41″E / 52.43861°N 5.76139°E / 52.43861; 5.76139

Walibi World Goliath
The logo and lift hill of Goliath

Goliath is a steel roller coaster in the Dutch theme park Walibi Holland. The lift hill has a height of 46.8 meters. This makes it the tallest coaster of the Benelux. However, in 2007 this record was beaten by Vertigo in Walibi Belgium, but after Vertigo was demolished in 2008, Goliath was again the tallest coaster of the Benelux.

Ride information

The coaster was created by the Swiss coaster manufacturer Intamin AG. It was opened in 2002. The coaster has a maximum speed of 66 miles per hour (106 km/h) over 3,982 feet (1,214 m) of track. The coaster has 2 trains, one green and one purple with hydraulic lap bars as restraints.


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