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Huang Beijia (Chinese: 黄蓓佳; born 1955) is an award-winning Chinese writer of fiction for adults and younger readers.


Huang Beijia was born in 1955, in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, China. She started writing in 1972 and her first works were published in 1973, focusing on the lives and emotions of intellectuals, at university and in society. Many of her earlier works feature female students, navigating emotional relationships, and attitudes towards Chinese masculinity. Representative works include Carnival Every Night, Midnight Cocktail and Century Romance. She has subsequently become a renowned author for children and younger readers, and was China's nominated author for the 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Huang graduated from the Chinese Literature department, Peking University. She holds a post of Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province. She is also Director and Vice-chairman of the Writers Association of Jiangsu Province. She has been a member of the Chinese Writers Association since 1984.

Awards and recognition


(The translated titles below are approximate, unless publication details are given.)

  • 《雨巷》 - Lane in the Rain (first published 1981)
  • 《去年冬天在郊外》 - Winter in the Outskirts (first published 1982)
  • 《玫瑰房间》 - Rose Room (first published 1984)
  • 《秋色宜人》 - Tender is Autumn (first published 1986)
  • 《美满家庭》 - Perfect Family (first published 1990)
  • 《仲夏夜》 - Mid-summer Night (first published 1986)
  • 《街心花园》 - The Promenade Garden (first published 1987)
  • 《冬之旅》 - Journey in Winter (first published 1987)
  • 《阳台》 - The Balcony (first published 1989)
  • 《忧伤的五月》 - May of Sadness (first published 1989)
  • 《一错再错》 - ‘Endless Mistakes (first published 1990)
  • 《黄蓓佳文集》四卷 - Huang Beijia’s Collected Works (4 vols)
  • 《小船,小船》 - Small Boat, Small Boat
  • 《唱给妈妈的歌》 - Songs Sang for Mom
  • 《我飞了》 - I Flew
  • 《芦花飘飞的时候》 - When Aloe Floated
  • 《遥远的地方有一片海》 - A Sea in Distant Place
  • 《漂来的狗儿》 - Drifting Dogs
  • 《亲亲我的妈妈》 - Kiss My Mum
  • 《我要做好孩子》 - I Want To Be a Good Child (1996) (English translation by Nicky Harman)
  • 《今天我是升旗手》 - Today I am a Flag Raiser
  • 《在水边》 - In the Water’s Edge
  • 《这一瞬间如此辉煌》 - This is Such a Brilliant Moment
  • 《给你奏一支梦幻曲》 - Playing a Fantasia for You
  • 《藤之舞》 - Dance for Vine
  • 《窗口风景》 - Window View
  • 《生命激荡的印痕》 - Stirring the Imprint of Life
  • 《何处归程》 - Where is the Way Out?
  • 《午夜鸡尾酒》 - Midnight Cocktail
  • 《夜夜狂欢》 - Carnival Every Night
  • 《世纪恋情》 - Century Romance
  • 《派克式左轮》 - Parker-style Revolver (also adapted for TV drama)
  • 《新乱世佳人》 - New Gone with Wind
  • 《婚姻流程》 - Process of Marriages
  • 《目光一样透明》 - Transparent as Eyes
  • Voice
  • Double Red Circles in the Composition
  • Family Members (excerpt), translated by Josh Stenberg. Chinese Arts and Letters 1, 2 (2014): 8-54.

Translated Works

  • L’école des vers à soie, tr. Patricia Batto and Gao Tianhua (Philippe Picquier, 2002)
  • 《亲亲我的妈妈》 - Comment j’ai apprivoisé ma mère , tr. Li Hong and Gilles Moraton (Philippe Picquier, 2003)
  • 《雨巷》 - Ephémère beauté des cerisiers en fleurs, suivie de Ruelle de la pluie, tr. Philippe Denizet (éditions You Feng, 2005)
  • 《心声》- From the Heart, tr. Helen Wang (2019)
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