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Hugo Avilés
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Hugo Aviles Espinoza ( Guayaquil, Ecuador, May 28, 1962) is an Ecuadorian theater actor, playwright, director, producer and teacher. He is an actor specialized in improvisation and is the creator and director of the theater group Fantoche.


Beginnings and personal life

Hugo Avilés was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on May 28, 1962. He lived his first years in the Barrio del Astillero, where he met Ruth Coello who was his neighbor and who would not see after three years that she moved to the north of the city, when they met again in the center of Guayaquil. Both studied architecture in different universities, and Hugo proposed to Ruth to take theater workshops, then they abandoned their university studies and from there they dedicated themselves to acting, setting up scenic projects.

Eventually they fell in love and were married for civil reasons, from this union they had two sons, Yannick and Adrián, both also dedicated to acting. Hugo has a son from his first marriage called Israel.


In 1983, Hugo along with Ruth, Francisco Palacios and other people created the collective Luz y Sombra, with which they premiered works such as "The company forgives a moment of madness" by the Venezuelan playwright Rodolfo Santana and In this writer's house guayaquileño Jorge Velasco Mackenzie. Avilés began to collect theater books and to be self-taught in the performing arts. Due to the lack of directors, producers and theater teachers, he decided to exercise them at the same time.

Avilés mounted the work of the playwright José Martínez Queirolo, Los vampiros, where he invited the author. He formed the collective Humane during the year 1997, with a short duration, and produced the plays: Pinocchio, El Principito, Corazón de Mangle, Fuenteovejuna and Doña Rosita the single and with Arteamérica directed by the Chilean Alejandro Pinto, he took part in La Celestina, Oedipus Rex and Life is a dream where he played the leading role: Seguismundo.

In 1999 he decided to change the name of the group Luz y Sombra to that of Fantoche and directed the work Belisario renegade dragon. In 2001 he presented the piece Quilt of pieces and in 2002 the works You will not wish the best of your neighbor and Soufflé of roses of the guayaquileño dramatist Cristian Cortez.

In December 2005 he was part of the First Latin American Encounter of Improvisation or Impro Theater, with the show Zona impro, where Avilés with Fernando Gálvez, Ruth Coello, Fabricio Mantilla, Mario Pinzón, María José Pérez, Juan Carlos Zambrano and Karen Mendoza integrated the local Ecuadorean Improvisation League (LEI).

In the Buenos Aires International Theater Improvisation Festival in 2007 he directed the work Prolonged Moments , where he proposed short improvisational games and longer stories, Hugo being part of the cast with Ruth Coello, Juan Carlos Intriago, Karen Mendoza, Fabricio Mantilla , María José Pérez Pólit. In 2010 he directed the work Imprólogos, where six workshop improvers took part, of which two were his sons Yanick and Adrián Avilés.

In 2012 he directed the play Women dreamed horses by Daniel Veronesse. Between 2013 and 2014 he was part of the work Feroz, written by the Argentine dramatists Ariel Sampaolessi and Andrea Hernández, where he played La Ñata Sempértegui with Víctor Acebedo as La María Palumbo and Andrés Otero as nephew Antonio. In 2015 he was part of the jury at the Guayaquil International Film Festival.

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