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Asiatic tailed caecilians
Caecilian wynaad1.jpg
Ichthyophis sp. from the Western Ghats
Scientific classification

Taylor, 1968


Caecilian wynaad2
The vent is an important taxonomic feature for Ichthyophis identification

Ichthyophiidae is the family of Asiatic tailed caecilians or fish caecilians. They are found in south-east Asia.

They are primitive caecilians. They do not have some of the features found in the other families. For example, the mouth is not back underneath the head, they have tails, and have many scales on their body. They have two sets of muscles for closing the jaw. This is a feature unique to caecilians, but absent in the related family Rhinatrematidae.

They lay their eggs in small holes in moist soil. The eggs hatch into larvae. They live in streams or underground seepages. They the change into adults. There is some evidence that the female may protect the eggs until they hatch.


Family Ichthyophiidae

  • Genus Caudacaecilia
    • Caudacaecilia asplenia - Broad-striped Caecilian
    • Caudacaecilia larutensis - Larut Hills Caecilian
    • Caudacaecilia nigroflava - Kuala Lumpur Caecilian
    • Caudacaecilia paucidentula - Kapahiang Caecilian
    • Caudacaecilia weberi - Malatgan River Caecilian
  • Genus Ichthyophis
    • Ichthyophis acuminatus - Elongate-headed Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis alfredii
    • Ichthyophis atricollaris - Long Bloee Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis bannanicus - Banna Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis beddomei - Yellow-striped Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis bernisi - Indonesian Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis biangularis - Angular Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis billitonensis - Billiton Island Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis daribokensis
    • Ichthyophis bombayensis - Bombay Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis davidi
    • Ichthyophis dulitensis - Mount Dulit Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis elongatus - Elongated Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis garoensis
    • Ichthyophis glandulosus - Basilan Island Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis glutinosus - Ceylon Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis humphreyi - Humphrey's Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis husaini - Husain's Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis hypocyaneus - Bantam Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis javanicus - Javan Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis khumhzi
    • Ichthyophis kodaguensis - Kodagu Striped Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis kohtaoensis - Koa Tao Island Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis laosensis - Upper Laos Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis longicephalus - Long-headed Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis malabarensis - Malabar Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis mindanaoensis - Mindanao Island Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis monochrous - Western Borneo Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis moustakius
    • Ichthyophis orthoplicatus - Pattipola Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis paucisulcus - Siantar Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis peninsularis
    • Ichthyophis pseudangularis - Taylor's Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis sendenyu
    • Ichthyophis sikkimensis - Sikkimese Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis singaporensis - Singapore Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis subterrestris
    • Ichthyophis sumatranus - Sumatran Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis supachaii - Supachai's Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis tricolor - Three-coloured Caecilian
    • Ichthyophis youngorum - Doi Suthep Caecilian
  • Genus Uraeotyphlus
    • Uraeotyphlus gansi
    • Uraeotyphlus interruptus - Kerala Caecilian
    • Uraeotyphlus malabaricus - Malabar Caecilian
    • Uraeotyphlus menoni - Menon's Caecilian
    • Uraeotyphlus narayani - Narayan's Caecilian
    • Uraeotyphlus oommeni - Bonnacord Caecilian
    • Uraeotyphlus oxyurus - Red Caecilian
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