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Inverse or Inversion could mean:

  • Inverse (program), a program for solving Inverse and Optimization problems
  • Inversion (music)
  • Inversion (prosody), the reversal of the order of a foot's elements
  • Inversion in postcolonial theory, a discursive strategy/gesture in cultural and subaltern studies
  • Invert, a bmx trick
  • Inverted pyramid, a way to arrange information in a news story
  • Inverted sugar syrup
  • Anastrophe, a literary device
  • Mirror image
  • Roller coaster inversions, which turn riders upside-down


  • Inverse (mathematics)
  • Inversion (geometry), a particular type of conformal mapping
  • Inverse problem, in science and mathematics, fitting a model to known data
  • Inversion (geology), the relative uplift of a previously basinal area resulting from local shortening, in structural geology
  • Inversion (meteorology), air temperature increasing with height
  • Inversion (nuclear), The "island of inversion", a group of elements with abnormal nuclear shell structure
  • Chromosomal inversion, where a segment of a chromosome is reversed end to end
  • Nitrogen inversion, a chemical process in which a trigonal nitrogen-containing structure turns inside-out
  • Population inversion, in statistical mechanics, when a system exists in state with more members in an excited state than in lower energy states
  • Sexual inversion, in biology, the switching from one sex to the opposite among some animal species.
  • Inversion (linguistics), a term referring to a number of different distinct grammatical constructions found in the languages of the world.


  • Inverse multiplexer (or 'demultiplexer'), which breaks a single data stream into several streams with lower data rates
  • Inverter (electrical), which converts direct current to alternating current
  • Inverter (logic gate) (or 'NOT gate')
  • Priority inversion, in which a low-priority task holds a shared resource that a high-priority task needs

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  • Inverted river delta, the narrow end on the seafront, the wide end located farther inland
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  • Reverse perspective, in art, the farther the object, the larger it is drawn
  • Voice inversion, a method of scrambling communications
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