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Kanpō (寛保), also known as Kampō, was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name"), also known as Kampō, after Genbun and before Enkyō. This period started in February 1741 and ended in February 1744. During this time, the emperor was Sakuramachi-tennō (桜町天皇).

Events of the Kanpō Era

Map of Japan made in London in 1744 (4th year of Kanpō)
  • 1742 (Kanpō 2): A comet was seen in the sky.
  • 1743 (Kanpō 3, 11th month): A comet was sighted in the night sky. This comet is likely to have been what is today identified as C/1743 C1 (De-Cheseaux).

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