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King Hiss
Masters of the Universe character
First appearance Revenge of the Snake Men, 1985
Created by Mattel
Voiced by Brian Dobson
Aliases Hssss of the Viper House
Species Snakemen
Gender Male
Title King

King Hiss (spelled King Hsss in the 2002 version, and sometimes King Hsssss) is a fictional supervillain, and the ruthless king of the Snake Men in Mattel toyline He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Although he never appeared in the original animated series by Filmation itself, Hiss made a belated animated debut in the 2002 revamped He-Man animated series Masters of the Universe vs. The Snakemen by Mike Young Productions, as the main villain of the second season. In both incarnations his default appearance is human but he is capable of shedding his skin revealing everything from his waist up to be a writhing mass of serpents. Hiss possesses a host of somewhat vague magical powers.


Masters of the Universe vs. The Snakemen

In Masters of the Universe vs. The Snakemen, The Sorceress describes King Hsss as wielding magic as great of that of the Elders. King Hsss was defeated by Hordak and his minions in the times of King Grayskull. Ages later, King Hsss and his henchmen were sealed away beneath Snake Mountain (which King Hsss built) by Zodak, to be released during the reign of King Randor by Kobra Khan, General Rattlor, and Evil-Lyn. From there, King Hsss serves as the main antagonist of the second season.

Other Media

King Hiss appeared in the game He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe.

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