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Kyōroku (享禄) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Daiei and before Tenbun. This period started in August 1528 and ended July 1532. During this time, the emperor was Go-Nara-tennō (後奈良天皇).

Events of the Kyōroku era

Triad of Yakushi Nyorai
Statues were blackened in fire at Yakushi-ji in the 1st year of Kyōroku
  • 1528 (Kyōroku 1): Fire damaged Yakushi-ji in Nara.
  • 1528 (Kyōroku 1): Konoe Tanye became Minister of the Left (sadaijin).
  • 1529 (Kyōroku 2): Neo-Confucian scholar Wang Yangming died.
  • 1530 (Kyōroku 3, 7th month): Kiyusho Hisatsune died at the age of 63. He had held the office of Chancellor (kampaku).
  • 1531 (Kyōroku 4): The Kamakura shogunate office of Governor (shugo) was ended.
  • 1532 (Kyōroku 5): Followers of the Ikko sect were driven out of Kyoto; and they settled in Osaka.

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