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The L'Aigle Creek connects to the Saline River (Ouachita River) at Coordinates: 33°11′38″N 92°8′14″W / 33.19389°N 92.13722°W / 33.19389; -92.13722. The watershed of this creek drains the majority of Bradley County, Arkansas. L'Aigle is derived from French meaning "the eagle".

The L'Aigle Creek is 44.2 miles long.

French, German, Estonian names of creeks, lakes, river landings and places

  • L'Aigles Creek, Aigle "Eagle Creek", Eagle Lake.
  • Bogalusa. A place on the Saline River near the Ouachita River (a different place with the same name is Bogalusa, Louisiana).
  • Charivari Creek, south of Hilo (a French folk custom in which the community gave a noisy, discordant mock serenade, also pounding on pots and pans, at the home of newlyweds. )
  • Felsenthal a Germanic word meaning "hills and valleys" or "rocky valleys." The Mississippi embayment left the Ouachita River flows to the east, southeast until it turned south near Felsenthal.
  • Moreau Bayou de Moreau (or Moro Creek, Moro Bay) Moreau is a French surname.
  • Pereogeethe Lake. Pereo (Latin: Disappearance, death, loss.) Geethe (Estonian: presently a female name)
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