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Map of Michigan highlighting Calhoun County
Location of Calhoun County in Michigan

The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites in Calhoun County, Michigan. Sites marked with a dagger (†) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Calhoun County, Michigan.


Current listings

Name Image Location City Listing date
African Methodist Episcopal Church African Methodist Episcopal Church 364 West Van Buren Street Battle Creek November 21, 1991
Albion College Astronomical Observatory Albion College Observatory.jpg East Cass Street, Albion College Campus Albion January 25, 1985
Albion College Informational Designation Albion College Ingham Street and Michigan Avenue Albion January 25, 1985
American Museum of Magic American Museum of Magic 107 E. Michigan Avenue Marshall 1985
Battle Creek City Hall Battle Creek City Hall 13 N. Michigan Avenue Battle Creek August 12, 1983
Battle Creek House Battle Creek House 2 West Michigan Avenue Battle Creek June 26, 1959
Battle Creek No. 4 Fire Station Battle Creek No.4 Fire Station 175 Kendall Street Battle Creek May 16, 1991
Battle Creek Post Office Battle Creek Post Office 67 East Michigan Street/80 East State Street Battle Creek May 17, 1973
Battle Creek Sanitarium The Battle Creek Federal Center 74 North Washington Avenue Battle Creek September 7, 1989
Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company Informational Site 235 Porter Street Battle Creek May 13, 1981
Beckley Cemetery Helmer and Beckley roads Battle Creek September 29, 1972
Beckley School 3019 Beckley Road, at Helmer Road Battle Creek August 27, 1970
Bedford Mill 23178 N. Bedford Rd. Bedford Township June 2, 1966
Birthplace of "The Old Rugged Cross" informational designation Old Rugged Cross sign Albion.jpg 1101 East Michigan Avenue Albion May 1, 1959
Birthplace of Famed Song ("Sweetheart of Sigma Chi") Informational Designation Albion College Campus, South Hall Albion May 1, 1959
Breakfast Food Industry Informational Designation Bailey Park, NE Capital Avenue at M-78 Battle Creek January 19, 1957
Butler-Boyce House Butler-Boyce House Marshall.jpg 1110 Verona Road Marshall June 15, 1979
Calhoun County Fair Calhoun County Fair Between Fair St. and Washington Ave, east of Marshall Ave Marshall February 11, 1972
Capitol Hill School† CapitalHillSchoolMarshall 603 Washington Street Marshall April 23, 1971
Cobblestone School North Drive West and 11 Mile Road Pennfield Township August 13, 1971
Seirn B. Cole House Seirn Cole House 276 Capital Avenue NE Battle Creek January 22, 1987
Samuel and Elizabeth Galloway Coleman House Samuel Coleman House 923 Willow Street, corner of Homer Marshall January 23, 1997
Oliver C. Comstock, Jr. House Oliver C. Comstock House 203 South Marshall Avenue Marshall February 27, 1980
William Wallace Cook House William Wallace Cook House 603 North Kalamazoo Marshall March 14, 1973
Cortright-Van Patten Mill 109 Byron Homer February 7, 1977
Isaac E. Crary House Isaac E. Crary House 107 North Park Street, Town Square Marshall March 14, 1973
Jeremiah Cronin Jr. House Jeremiah Cronin House Marshall.jpg 407 North Madison Street Marshall July 16, 1992
Crosswhite Fugitive Slave Case Informational Designation East Michigan Avenue and East Mansion Street Marshall February 18, 1956
Del Shannon "Runaway" Informational Site 45 Capital Ave., S.W., Southeast corner of Hamblin and Capital avenues Battle Creek June 21, 1990
Elks Temple 14 North McCamly Street Battle Creek November 16, 1981
Emporium EmporiumMarshall 154-156 West Michigan Avenue Marshall February 23, 1981
Faust Block Faust Block 107 East Michigan Avenue Marshall June 20, 1985
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church 501 North Superior St Marshall April 23, 1985
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church 80 East Michigan Ave Battle Creek August 9, 1959
First Home in Albion Informational Site 303 East Erie Street Albion August 25, 1960
First National Bank of Marshall First National Bank of Marshall 117 East Michigan Avenue Marshall November 15, 1990
First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Albion.jpg 305 East Porter Street Albion December 20, 1989
Jabez S. Fitch House† (Also known as the Harold C. Brooks House) Jabez S. Fitch House 310 North Kalamazoo Avenue Marshall February 17, 1965
Floral Hall Calhoun County Fairgrounds Marshall July 26, 1974
Fort Custer Fort Custer Training Center Dickman Road Battle Creek September 17, 1957
G.A.R. Hall Grand Army of the Republic Hall West Michigan Ave at Exchange St Marshall January 27, 1983
Gale Manufacturing Co. Office Building 105 North Albion Street Albion June 18, 1982
Orlando C. Gale House Orlando Gale House Albion.jpg 220 West Mulberry Street Albion September 14, 1995
A. P. Gardner Mansion A. P. Gardner Mansion 509 South Superior Street Albion January 22, 1971
Charles T. Gorham Informational Designation Charles Gorham.jpg Michigan National Bank, 124 W Michigan Marshall November 3, 1976
Governor's Mansion Governor's Mansion 621 South Marshall Avenue Marshall February 11, 1972
Harmonia Cemetery 15th Street Bedford Township November 30, 1983
Hawkins Farm Informational Designation Hawkins Farm.jpg 18935 1512 Mile Road Marshall July 23, 1985
Andrew L. Hayes House Andrew H. Hayes House 303 North Kalamazoo Street Marshall February 17, 1965
Sam Hill House Sam Hill House 139 W Mansion St Marshall July 26, 1974
H. Eugene Hollon House H. Eugene Holland House 215 South Eagle Street Marshall March 20, 1984
Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church 810 Austin Avenue Albion November 16, 1981
Homer Fire Station 128 East Main Street Homer January 16, 1976
Erastus and Sarah Hussey Residence and Store Informational Site Erastus and Sarah Hussey Residence and Store Kellogg Foundation Headquarters, One Michigan Avenue Battle Creek March 19, 1992
Joy House Joy House 224 North Kalamazoo Avenue Marshall August 13, 1971
W. K. Kellogg House W.K. Kellogg House Intersection of Division Street and the Battle Creek River in the Kellogg Foundation Park Battle Creek June 10, 1980
Ketchum Park Ketchum Park South Marshall Street between Fair and Washington streets Marshall February 11, 1972
Kimball House Kimball House 196 Capital Avenue Battle Creek September 21, 1976
Isaac Lockwood House Isaac Lockwood House 14011 Verona Road Marshall January 23, 1992
Log School House Informational Site East State and Monroe streets Battle Creek June 5, 1959
Marengo Pioneer Cemetery Marengo Memorial Cemetery.jpg West Michigan Avenue at 21 Mile Road Marengo Township May 1, 1959
Marshall House Marshall House 1 Exchange St Marshall February 27, 1980
Marshall Informational Designation Marshall, Michigan Town Square, East Main Street (city property south of the Honolulu House) Marshall February 11, 1972
Marshall Middle School Marshall Middle School 400 Marshall Avenue Marshall January 19, 1978
Marshall Public Schools Pioneer School House Informational Site Pioneer School 200 West Mansion Marshall March 19, 1987
Marshall Region Marshall Downtown I-94 at US-27 Marshall August 25, 1960
Marshall Tavern Marshall Tavern West Michigan Avenue and South Eagle Street Marshall February 19, 1958
Mary Bryant Mayo Birthplace 12557 L. Drive North, east of 12 Mile Road Battle Creek April 4, 1978
Charles Merritt House Charles Merritt House 327 North Capital Avenue Battle Creek August 3, 1979
Methodism in Battle Creek Methodism in Battle Creek 114 East Michigan Avenue Battle Creek May 1, 1959
Michigan Central Railroad Station Michigan Central Railroad Station 44 McCamly Battle Creek November 6, 1970
Mary Miller House Hillside Mary Miller House 224 West Prospect Marshall 2006
James A. Miner Informational Site James Miner 156 West Michigan Avenue Marshall February 23, 1981
Mother's Day in Albion Informational Designation Mothers Day sign Albion.jpg Rieger Park, southeast corner of Ionia and Erie streets Albion March 15, 1990
National House National House 102 South Parkview Marshall January 16, 1976
Nottawasippi Reservation† 1 mile West of Athens Athens June 16, 1972
Oakhill Oakhill 410 North Eagle Street Marshall July 26, 1974
Oakridge Cemetery Oakridge Cemetery 614 Dibble Street Marshall June 30, 1988
Penniman Castle Penniman Castle 443 Main Street Battle Creek July 15, 1999
John D. Pierce Homesite Pierce-Slater House 314 West Mansion Marshall February 21, 1975
Planning Michigan's Public School System Informational Designation 310 N Kalamazoo Avenue Marshall February 18, 1956
C.W. Post C.W. Post 30 E. Michigan in Monument Park Battle Creek 2003
Postum Cereal Company / Factory Informational Designation Postum Cereal Company Factory.jpg 245 Cliff Street Battle Creek 2003
Abner Pratt House Honolulu House 107 North Kalamazoo Street Marshall February 17, 1965
Daniel Pratt House† Daniel Pratt House 122 North High Street Marshall August 13, 1971
William Prindle Livery Stable (Old Stone Barn)† William Prindle Livery Stable 323 West Michigan Avenue (South Kalamazoo at Fountain Circle?) Marshall March 14, 1973
Harvey N. Randall House 103 East North Street Tekonsha November 20, 1987
Riverside Cemetery Complex Riverside Cemetery Albion.jpg 1301 Superior Street Albion August 29, 1996
Eugene P. Robertson House Eugene P. Robertson House 412 South Clinton Street Albion February 18, 1982
Saint Thomas Episcopal Church St. Thomas Episcopal Church 72 Capital Avenue Northeast Battle Creek May 1, 1959
Schellenberger Tavern Schellenberger Tavern Marshall.jpg 507 West Hanover Street Marshall November 3, 1976
Nelle Zinn Burt Scheuch Estate 6174 Halbert Road Battle Creek November 15, 1990
Win Schuler's Inn Win Schulers Inn 115 South Eagle Street Marshall August 6, 1976
Second Baptist Church Commemorative Designation 485 Washington Street Battle Creek June 29, 2000
Seventh Day Adventist Church 19 North Washington and Van Buren Streets Battle Creek October 14, 1959
Warren B. Shepard House 373 Riverside Drive Battle Creek September 21, 1988
Smith-Gillespie House Smith-Gillespie House Albion.jpg 811 East Michigan Avenue Albion February 7, 1977
Sonoma United Methodist Church 4790 Capital Avenue, SW Battle Creek March 16, 1989
Starr Commonwealth for Boys 26 Mile Road (Starr Commonwealth Road) Sheridan Township July 17, 1981
Stevenson House 41 Orchard Place Battle Creek November 7, 1977
Stow-Hasbrouck House Stow-Hasbrouck House 17051 16 Mile Rd Marshall June 15, 1984
Tekonsha Township Hall Intersection of Canal and Murry streets Tekonsha June 15, 1979
Tekonsha Village Jail 111 Canal Street Tekonsha August 29, 1996
Jared C. Thompson House Jared Thompson House Marshall.jpg 633 West Hanover Street Marshall April 5, 1974
Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Episcopal Church 101 East Mansion Street Marshall February 27, 1980
Union Manufacturing Company 87 Capital Avenue, SW Battle Creek March 28, 1985
United States Post Office United States Post Office-Marshall.jpg 202 East Michigan Ave Marshall January 13, 1982
Veterans Hospital No. 100, Camp Custer 5500 Armstrong Rd Battle Creek December 20, 1989
Wagner's Block Wagner's Block 143 West Michigan Avenue Marshall October 29, 1971
Ward Mill / Ward Building Informational Site Capitol Avenue, north of State Street at the Battle Creek Battle Creek October 12, 1990
James and Ellen G. White Grave Site Located in Oak Hill Cemetery, 255 South Avenue Lot #320 Battle Creek July 23, 1985
Allen and Charles Willard House 965 SW Capital Avenue Battle Creek March 16, 1989
Lt. George A. Woodruff Informational Site Lt. George A. Woodruff 614 Dibble Street Marshall April 24, 1979
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