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This is a list of properties which have been designated by the City of Ottawa under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act as having cultural heritage value or interest. At many properties, a bronze plaque gives a bilingual description of the property's history.

Property Address Ward Construction Date Architect Photo
108 Acacia Avenue 108 Acacia Avenue Rideau-Rockcliffe 1908 Francis Sullivan
1134 O'Grady Street 1134 O'Grady Street Rideau-Goulbourn 1870–1875
182-184 Lisgar Street 182-184 Lisgar Street Somerset 182-184 Lisgar Street.JPG
240 Daly Avenue 240 Daly Avenue Rideau-Vanier Zen Centre of Ottawa.JPG
273 Wilbrod Street 273 Wilbrod Street Rideau-Vanier 1892–1893 473 Wilbrod.JPG
339 Pleasant Park Road 339 Pleasant Park Road Alta Vista 1960s James W. Strutt
350-352 Cumberland 350-352 Cumberland Rideau-Vanier c. 1860 350-352 Cumberland.jpg
158-160 Guigues 158-160 Guigues Rideau-Vanier 1846 158-160 Guigues.jpg
406 Queen Street 406 Queen Street Somerset
5 Blackburn 5 Blackburn Avenue Rideau-Vanier 1905 5 Blackburn.JPG
89-91 Murray Street 89-91 Murray Street Rideau-Vanier 1876 89-91 Murray.jpg
97-105 Rideau Street 97-105 Rideau Street Rideau-Vanier 1869, 1871, 1908 99 Rideau Street, Ottawa.jpg
Alphonse Rochon House now Jean-Claude Bergeron Art Gallery 150 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier 1898
Aberdeen Pavilion Capital 1898 Moses C. Edey Cattle Castle.JPG
Ayers Building 1128 Mill Street Rideau-Goulbourn 1902
Bank of Montreal 29 Bank Street Somerset 1908–1909 Keefer and Weekes Former Bank of Montreal.JPG
Bell Block 32-36 Elgin Street Somerset 1867 William Hodgson Bell Block, 40 Elgin.jpg
Birkett House 306 Metcalfe Street Somerset Embassy of Hungary, Ottawa.jpg
Billings Estate 2100 Cabot Street Alta Vista 1828 Billings Estate Ottawa 2005.jpg
Booth House 252 Metcalfe Street Somerset 1909 John H. W. Watts Booth House.JPG
Braclyn House 3229 Diamondview Road West Carleton-March 1858
Bradley House 4 Bradley Farm Court Kanata North 1903
Brousseau Terrace 204-210 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier 1898
Brown Tenements 153-161 York Street Rideau-Vanier c. 1865-1875
Butler House 1445 St. Joseph Boulevard Innes Early 19th century
Butterworth House Somerset Street West Somerset 1894 Butterworth House.JPG
Byward Market Building 50 York Street Rideau-Vanier 1927 By Ward Market.jpg
Campbell House 236 Metcalfe Street Somerset Campbell House (Ottawa).JPG
Carkner Lumber Mill Osgoode 1874
Carp Agricultural Hall 3790 Carp Road West Carleton-March
Cartier Square Drill Hall Somerset 1879 Thomas Seaton Scott Cartier Square, Drill Hall.jpg
Casa Loma 9 Crescent Road Rideau-Rockcliffe 1911 Allan Keefer, A.J. Hazelgrove
Central Chambers 38-54 Elgin Street Somerset 1890 John James Browne Chambers Building Ottawa.jpg
Crichton Lodge Official residence of Norwegian Ambassador 160 Lisgar Road Rideau-Rockcliffe 1887
Central Emergency Headquarters 2389 Carp Road West-Carleton 1959–1961 Diefenbunker.JPG
Chamberlain House Somerset Street West Somerset 1894 Chamberlain House.JPG
Champagne Bath 321 King Edward Avenue Rideau-Vanier 1921–1924 Werner Erst Noffke Champagne Bath.JPG
Charles Smith House 72 Steeple Hill Crescent Barrhaven
Château Laurier Somerset 1908–1912 Bradford Lee Gilbert, Ross and MacFarlane Chateaulaurier2006fromhill.jpg
Christ Church Cathedral Sparks Street Somerset 1872 ChristChurchAnglicanCathedralOttawa.JPG
Clegg-Feller Building 155-61 Rideau St. Rideau-Vanier 1864 Clegg-Feller Block.jpg
Connaught Building 555 Mackenzie Avenue Rideau-Vanier 1913–1914 David Ewart Connaught Building.JPG
Devonshire Community Public School 100 Breezehill Avenue Kitchissippi 1910
Echo-Bank House Echo Drive Capital 1865
École Guigues 159 Murray Street Rideau-Vanier 1904–1905
École Sacré Coeur 19 Melrose Avenue Kitchissipi 1912 Francis Sullivan
Embassy of Armenia 7 Delaware Avenue Somerset 1907 Armenia, Ottawa.JPG
Embassy of Turkey 197 Wurtemberg Street Rideau-Vanier 1869 Turkey, Ottawa.JPG
Earnscliffe Rideau-Rockcliffe 1855 Earnscliffe.JPG
First Baptist Church 140 Laurier Avenue West Somerset 1877 First Baptist Church, Ottawa.jpg
Flavien Rochon House 138 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier 1832 or mid-1840s
Fleet Street Pumping Station 1 Fleet Street Somerset 1875 FleetStreetPumpingStation.png
Foisy House 188 St. Andrew Street Rideau-Vanier 1860
Francis Sullivan House Somerset East Rideau-Vanier 1914 Francis Sullivan Sullivan House.JPG
Fraser Schoolhouse 62-64 John Street Rideau-Rockcliffe 1837
Gamman House 306 Cyr Avenue Rideau-Vanier 1873
Goodwin House 312 Laurier Avenue East Rideau-Vanier 1900 Goodwin House2.JPG
Graham-McGillivray Building 419-421 Sussex Drive Rideau-Vanier c. 1866
Grand Central Hotel 63-69 George Street Rideau-Vanier c. 1874
Home Sweetland Home 62 Sweetland Avenue Rideau-Vanier
Institut canadien français d'Ottawa 18-20 York Street Rideau-Vanier 1876 J.P.M. Lecourt
La Maison Jeanne D’Arc 360 Kenwood Kitchissippi 1934 Mère Marie Thomas D’Aquin
Langevin Block 80 Wellington Street Somerset 1884 Thomas Fuller (architect) Langevin Block (2013)(cropped).jpg
Lisgar Collegiate Institute 29 Lisgar Avenue Somerset 1874 Lisgar Collegiate 2004.jpg
Maplelawn 529 Richmond Road Kitchissippi 1831 Maplelawn in Winter06.jpg
March House 806 March Road West Carleton-March 1882
Martineau Hotel 47-61 Murray Street Rideau-Vanier 1872
Mayfair Theatre 1074 Bank Street Capital 1932 Mayfair Theatre-thumb.jpg
McLeod Clark House 17 Mariposa Avenue Rideau-Rockcliffe
Merivale United Church and Cemetery 1876 Merivale Road Barrhaven 1876
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica 375 Sussex Drive Rideau-Vanier 1846 Antoine Robillard and Father John Francis Cannon Notre-Dame Ottawa.jpg
Old Canadian War Museum Sussex Drive Rideau-Vanier 1904-1906 David Ewart Old Canadian War Museum Ottawa 3jun2004.jpg
Old St. Stephen’s Church 181 Britannia Road Bay 1892
Old Town Hall 61 Main Street Capital 1895
Ottawa Hydro Electric Company Building 109 Bank Street Somerset 1934? W. C. Beattie

109 Bank Ottawa Hydro.jpg

Carleton County Gaol 75 Nicholas Street Rideau-Vanier 1862 Nicholas Street Gaol, Ottawa, Canada - 20050218.jpg
Ottawa Normal School Somerset 1874 Ottawa Normal School2.JPG
Osgoode Township Hall 8243 Victoria Street Osgoode 1891 James Mather
Panet House Corner of Laurier Avenue and King Edward Rideau-Vanier 1876 Panet House.JPG
Patrick Waters House 20 Stone House Court Barrhaven 1885
Plant Bath 130 Preston Street Somerset 1924 Millson, Burgess and Hazelgrove Plant Bath.JPG
Pinhey Cottage 5029 Dunrobin Road West Carleton-March 1820s Pinney Homestead erected 1825.jpg
Powell House 85 Glebe Avenue Capital 1912 Warner Ernst Noffke Powell House (Ottawa).JPG
Rideau Branch Library 377 Rideau Rideau-Vanier 1934 J.P. MacLaren Rideau Branch Library.JPG
Ross House 188 Stewart Street Rideau-Vanier 1869 Ross House.JPG
School Section#1 400 Goldridge Drive Kanata North 1886
Scottish Ontario Chambers/Trust Block 42-50 Sparks Street Somerset 1883 William Hodgson Edifice Scottish Ontario - 02.jpg
Shouldice Hotel 62-66 York Street Rideau-Vanier 1846
Simard House 31 Sweetland Avenue Rideau-Vanier 1884
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church West Carleton-March 1886
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Corner of Wellington and Kents streets Somerset 1872 St AndrewsC Ottawa.jpg
St. Augustine's Church 100 Huxley Street West Carleton-March 1901–1902 John W. H. Watts
St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church 125 MacKay Street Rideau-Rockcliffe 1868 Thomas Seaton Scott St Bartholomew's Anglican Church Ottawa.jpg
St. Brigid's Church 314 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier 1889–1890 John R. Bowes St Brigid's Church (Ottawa).JPG
St. Clare's Catholic Church Rideau-Goulbourn 1915 Francis Sullivan
Ste-Anne Catholic Church 528 Old St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier 1873 J.P. LeCourt Ste-Anne's Church Ottawa.jpg
St. James Tennis Club Capital 1907 St. James tennis club.JPG
St. John's Anglican Church Kanata North 1839 Alexander Christie
St. John's Merivale Anglican Cemetery 1876 Merivale Road Barrhaven 1874
St. Louis Hotel 41 York Street Rideau-Vanier 1875
St. Paul's Eastern United Church Corners of Daly and Cumberland Streets Rideau-Vanier 1888 St Paul's-Eastern United church Ottawa.jpg
Stadacona Hall 395 Laurier Avenue East Rideau-Vanier 1871 Stadacona Hall.jpg
Swalwell-Borbridge Building 54-60 York Street Rideau-Vanier 1875 William Hodgson
The Auberge King Edward King Edward Avanue Rideau-Vanier 1902
The Duncannon 216 Metcalfe Street Somerset 1931 Cecil Burgess The Duncannon.JPG
Thomas Brûlé House 288-290 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier c. 1842
Toller House Corner of Chapel and Daly Streets Rideau-Vanier 1875 Croatian Embassy in Ottawa.JPG
Valade House 142-144 St. Patrick Street Rideau-Vanier pre-1866
Vinette Farm Silo 241 Centrum Boulevard Orléans 1945
Watson's Mill 5525 Mill Street Rideau-Goulbourn 1860s Watson's Mill July 2005.jpg
William Murphy House 127 Britannia Road Bay
Woodburn House 73 MacKay Street Rideau-Rockcliffe 1874
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