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Mills in Glossop, Derbyshire and Tintwistle, Cheshire, England. The first mills were built in the 1760s, and were powered by the water of the River Etherow and its tributaries. As the industry developed, the mills changed hands, were demolished, were converted to use steam, or consolidated into larger units. They changed their names and their functions. Water-powered mills were smaller than the later steam-powered mills found in Greater Manchester.

The mills

Name Owner Location Built Demolished Served
Albion Mill John Gartside and Co. Hollingworth  
Arrowscroft Mill John Gartside and Co. Hollingworth ,  53°27′43″N 1°59′33″W / 53.4619°N 1.9926°W / 53.4619; -1.9926 ("Arrowscroft Mill")
Armfield William Buckley Arnfield Brook  53°28′27″N 1°58′53″W / 53.4741°N 1.9814°W / 53.4741; -1.9814 ("Armfield") 1828 20
Notes: submerged
Arnfield Tower  
Arundel Street Mill  
The Hope
Higher Water
Robert Bennett Shelf Brook  1807 72
Notes: fire
Waterside and Bridge
inc. Eleven Bay Mill
inc.Garden Mill
inc.Nine Holes
inc.Crystal Palace
inc.Old Corn Mill
inc.Chimney Mill
inc.Reservoir Mill
Turner and Thornley
John and William Sidebottom
John Gartside and Co.- purchased 1899
River Etherow,  53°28′08″N 1°58′21″W / 53.4689°N 1.9724°W / 53.4689; -1.9724 ("Waterside and Bridge
inc. Eleven Bay Mill
inc.Garden Mill
inc.Nine Holes
inc.Crystal Palace
inc.Old Corn Mill
inc.Chimney Mill
inc.Reservoir Mill"
1760 1976 135
Boggart Joseph Lyne Glossop Brook  1817 204
Notes: Under Edmund Potter became Potters Dinting Vale Printworks
Bottoms Mill
Bottom Lodge Mill
John Turner River Etherow 53°28′13″N 1°57′53″W / 53.4703°N 1.9646°W / 53.4703; -1.9646 ("Bottoms Mill
Bottom Lodge Mill"
1795 1870 75
Notes: Submerged under Bottoms Reservoir
Braddock's Mill
Mouse Nest
James Braddock Padfield Brook  1811 49
Bridge End Fulling 4 partners Glossop Brook  1780 241
Notes: Start of Howardtown Mill
Bridge Field John Garlick Gnat Hole Brook  1784 91
Notes: fire
Brookfield Shepley Samuel Shepley Glossop Brook  1818
Burymewick John Shaw Gnat Hole Brook  1805 216
Bleach Works
River Etherow Bleach Works
River Etherow ,  53°27′41″N 1°59′11″W / 53.4614°N 1.9863°W / 53.4614; -1.9863 ("River Etherow ")
Broadbottom Mills
Broad Mills
Joe and George Sidebottom Broadbottom   1793 228
Bridge James Sidebottom
Tom Harrop
Tintwistle  53°28′08″N 1°58′21″W / 53.4689°N 1.9724°W / 53.4689; -1.9724 ("Bridge ") 1854 1953 45
Notes: Comm. 5 June 1899 fire
1953 derelict
Best Hill
Kelsall and Marsland Broadbottom  1793 228
Bank Bottom Hadfield  
Notes: converted Henry Wyatt 1895
Brown's Bleach Works Thomas and William Brown Crowden  before 1846
Bent Meadows Mill River Etherow
Broadbottom   William Wardlaw
Chew Wood Rowbottom Chisworth 53°24′30″N 2°00′52″W / 53.4082°N 2.0145°W / 53.4082; -2.0145 ("Chisworth") 1795 167
Notes: A wool carding and scrubbing mill managed by the Rowbottoms. Mill powered by water from Alma Coal Pit.
Compstall Edward and James Andrew
Andrew Bruckshaw &Co
1902 Calico Printers Assoc.
1934 Graveside &Co
Etherow   before 1828
Notes: Compstall Lily Waterwheel
Charlestown Charles Hadfield Gnat Hole Brook  1792 170
Notes: Became John Waltons Closed
Clarke's Mill William Barber Padfield Brook  1803
Cross Cliffe John Newton Hurst Brook  1782-3 83
Notes: fire
Cowbrook William Hadfield Hurst Brook,  53°26′38″N 1°55′56″W / 53.4440°N 1.9323°W / 53.4440; -1.9323 ("Cowbrook") 1801 97
Dalton's Print Works
Bleaching Co.
River Etherow
before 1816
Dinting Vale Print Works Joseph Lyne
1825 Edmund Potter
Dinting Vale   1966
Dinting Mill
Wagstaff Brothers Glossop Brook  1804-5 212
Notes: Passed to Potters, lower floor dye extraction,
upper floors Day School
Gnat Hole (wool) John Robinson  Gnat Hole Brook 1790 94
Hadfield Lodge Thomas Thornley Padfield Brook  before 1811
James Starkie Shelf Brook 53°27′10″N 1°56′07″W / 53.4528°N 1.9353°W / 53.4528; -1.9353 ("Hawkshead
Notes: Isaac Jackson 1905
Hodge Printworks Samuel Matley
1872 Ledeboer
Harry Alister Constable
Broadbottom  1763 190
Hodge Hall Mill
Moss Mill
Bridge Mill, Broadbottom
Moss Bros.
Joseph Beckett
Howardtown Mills Wood Howardtown 53°26′34″N 1°56′32″W / 53.4428°N 1.9422°W / 53.4428; -1.9422 ("Howardtown Mills") standing
[[|frameless|upright=0.8]] Notes:
Hurst Mill Robert Atherton Hurst Brook,  53°26′36″N 1°55′38″W / 53.4432°N 1.9271°W / 53.4432; -1.9271 ("Hurst Mill") 1799–1802
Jumble Mill (wool) John Robinson   before 1790
Lymefield John Marsland
1872 Edward Platt
Broadbottom 53°26′19″N 2°00′22″W / 53.4385°N 2.0061°W / 53.4385; -2.0061 ("Lymefield
Broadbottom "
before 1872 standing
[[|frameless|upright=0.8]] Notes:
Longdendale Works John Walton River Etherow
Woolley Bridge ,  53°27′41″N 1°59′01″W / 53.4615°N 1.9835°W / 53.4615; -1.9835 ("River Etherow
Woolley Bridge "
Lower Mill William Barber Padfield Brook  1804 59
Mersey Mills
Rhodes Bottom Mill
Thomas and Ames Rhodes
1928 Lancashire Cotton Corp.
River Etherow
Woolley Bridge,  53°27′40″N 1°59′04″W / 53.4610°N 1.9845°W / 53.4610; -1.9845 ("Mersey Mills
Rhodes Bottom Mill"
1846 89
Mill Town (Wood's Mill) Thomas Shaw Glossop Brook  1803 39
[[|frameless|upright=0.8]] Notes: fire, Rebuilt as Woods Mill
Millbrook House
Sidebottom Hollingworth Brook   1790 1882 92
Robert Shepley Shelf Brook 53°27′00″N 1°56′04″W / 53.4500°N 1.9344°W / 53.4500; -1.9344 ("Meadow
1825 Standing 196
[[|frameless|upright=0.8]] Notes:
New Water Robert Bennett Shelf Brook  1815 58
Notes: Meadow Mills
Old Paper
Thomas Turner Fair Vage Clough
before 1847
Padfield Brook Robert Lees Padfield Brook  1793 7
Primrose Joseph Hadfield Gnat Hole Brook  1811 61
Red Hadfield  
Rolfe's Mill William Sheppard Shelf Brook  1784 23
Notes: Became cottages
Shepley John Shepley Shelf Brook,  53°26′34″N 1°57′15″W / 53.4429°N 1.9541°W / 53.4429; -1.9541 ("Shepley") 1784-5 62
Shepley Green Vale Shepley of Charlesworth Glossop Brook  1784,1810
Station Mill Thomas and Edward Platt Hadfield 53°27′44″N 1°57′51″W / 53.4623°N 1.9643°W / 53.4623; -1.9643 ("Station Mill") 1855 134
Notes: Became Wilmans closed 1989
Notes: submerged
Thomas Thornley
Thomas Rhodes
Tintwistle  53°28′12″N 1°57′28″W / 53.4699°N 1.9578°W / 53.4699; -1.9578 ("Etherow
Tintwistle "
1770 1870 100
Notes: Submerged 1870
Thread Mill Benjamin Goodison Shelf Brook  1789 109
Thornley Mill John Thornley Padfield Brook  before 1820
Tip Mill Bennett Brothers Gnat Hole Brook  1791 230
Notes: incorporated into Olive and Partington
Turn Lee William Kershaw
Edward Partington
Gnat Hole Brook 
Notes: incorporated into Olive and Partington
Valehouse Mill Robert and John Thornley River Etherow 53°28′35″N 1°56′51″W / 53.4764°N 1.9475°W / 53.4764; -1.9475 ("Valehouse Mill") 1795 72
Notes: sold for reservoir, and submerged
Warth Mill Joseph Hallam Shelf Brook  1784-5 84
Notes: Meadow Mills
Waterloo Robert Bennett Shelf Brook  1807 72
Notes: fire
Whitfield George Roberts  Gnat Hole Brook 1802 219
Wrens Nest Matthew Ellison Glossop Brook 53°26′38″N 1°57′30″W / 53.4438°N 1.9583°W / 53.4438; -1.9583 ("Wrens Nest") 1815 standing 140
[[|frameless|upright=0.8]] Notes: A first mill was built here by Lord Howard but sold to the Ellisons. In 1822 Francis Sumner moved to Glossop (his step mother was an Ellison).He built the six storey mill and warehouses. At its peak it employed 1400. It had 123,000 spindles and 2541 looms. It ceased training after a fire in 1955.
Waterside Sidebottom Family Hadfield ,  53°28′00″N 1°58′19″W / 53.4667°N 1.9719°W / 53.4667; -1.9719 ("Hadfield ")
White Padfield Brook ,  53°27′51″N 1°58′01″W / 53.4643°N 1.9669°W / 53.4643; -1.9669 ("Padfield Brook ") 1950
Woolley William & John Robert Arnfield Brook 53°28′12″N 1°59′09″W / 53.4699°N 1.9857°W / 53.4699; -1.9857 ("Arnfield Brook") 1840 1953 113
Notes: before 1840
Woolley Bridge
Henry Lees River Etherow 53°27′29″N 1°59′14″W / 53.4581°N 1.9871°W / 53.4581; -1.9871 ("Woolley Bridge
1825 1925 56
Notes: This was a medium-sized mill built in 1825 for cotton spinning, in the 1840s it employed 200 hands, it became Henry Lees & Son in 1870. In 1881 it was sold to George Fawcett, a basket and skip manufacturer.- in 1890 it became an iron works, then in 1903 a dye works but in 1908 it was a picture Palace it closed in 1925 and was demolished.

All registered in Annals of Glossop.

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