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A signal mountain or signal peak is a mountain suited to sending and receiving visual signals, either from its topographic prominence and isolation or from being located where signal communications are most needed. For example, Tennessee's Signal Mountain was used by Native Americans to send fire and smoke signals across the Tennessee Valley. It was also used by the Union Army as a visual communications station during the American Civil War. Mount Lassic in California has low prominence but is also known as Signal Peak due to the heliograph station that was located on this peak around 1900. And the highest peak in the Pine Valley Range, Utah's Signal Peak, is "supposedly named because of its use in World War II when beacons were placed on the mountain to guide airplanes at night."

Mount Signal, viewed from the Imperial Valley, California


Peak Photo Nation County, Province/State Coordinates Elevation Prominence Notes
Signal Mountain (Alberta) SignalMountainAB-cs01.jpg Canada Alberta 52°51′34″N 117°58′01″W / 52.85944°N 117.96703°W / 52.85944; -117.96703 (Signal Mountain (Alberta)) &100000000000023120000002312 m
7,585 ft
&1000000000000009200000092 m
302 ft
El Centinela
known as Mount Signal in the U.S.
Mexico Baja California 32°28′27″N 116°53′49″W / 32.47417°N 116.89694°W / 32.47417; -116.89694 (El Centinela (Baja California, Mexico)) &10000000000000750000000750 m
2,461 ft
The mountain, in northern Baja California, dominates over California's Imperial Valley area, including over the town of Mount Signal, California, which is named for it.
Signal Mountain (Shelby County, Alabama) United States Shelby County, Alabama 33°23′49″N 86°34′51″W / 33.39694°N 86.58083°W / 33.39694; -86.58083 (Signal Mountain (Shelby County, Alabama)) &10000000000000460000000460 m
1,509 ft
&10000000000000268000000268 m
879 ft
Signal Mountain (Valdez-Cordova, Alaska) United States Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska 60°17′04″N 146°38′17″W / 60.28444°N 146.63806°W / 60.28444; -146.63806 (Signal Mountain (Valdez-Cordova, Alaska)) &10000000000000417000000417 m
1,368 ft
Signal Mountain (Maricopa County, Arizona) United States Maricopa County, Arizona 33°12′28″N 112°57′16″W / 33.20778°N 112.95444°W / 33.20778; -112.95444 (Signal Mountain (Maricopa County, Arizona)) &10000000000000665000000665 m
2,182 ft
&10000000000000324000000324 m
1,063 ft
Signal Mountain (Pinal County, Arizona) United States Pinal County, Arizona 33°20′40″N 110°59′57″W / 33.34444°N 110.99917°W / 33.34444; -110.99917 (Signal Mountain (Pinal County, Arizona)) &100000000000014880000001488 m
4,882 ft
&100000000000010600000001060 m
3,478 ft
Signal Peak (Humboldt County, California) United States Humboldt County, California 40°20′02″N 123°33′16″W / 40.33389°N 123.55444°W / 40.33389; -123.55444 (Signal Peak (Humboldt County, California)) &100000000000017830000001783 m
5,850 ft
&1000000000000008400000084 m
276 ft
Also known as Mount Lassic, in the Coast Range. Its "Signal Peak" name derives from the heliograph station that was located on this peak around 1900.
Signal Peak (Orange County, California) United States Orange County, California 33°36′22″N 117°48′43″W / 33.60611°N 117.81194°W / 33.60611; -117.81194 (Signal Peak (Orange County, California)) &10000000000000355000000355 m
1,165 ft
&10000000000000242000000242 m
794 ft
A major two-way radio site for Orange County, and a visual reporting checkpoint for aircraft inbound to land at John Wayne Airport.
Signal Peak (Tahoe National Forest) United States Tahoe National Forest, California 39°20′21″N 120°32′8″W / 39.33917°N 120.53556°W / 39.33917; -120.53556 (Signal Peak (Tahoe National Park)) &100000000000023910000002391 m
7,844 ft
Vinings Mountain
formerly known as Signal Mountain,
also known as Mount Wilkinson
Mount Wilkinson, Vinings, Georgia 2.JPG United States Cobb County, Georgia (U.S. state) 33°52′07″N 84°28′00″W / 33.86861°N 84.46667°W / 33.86861; -84.46667 (Vinings Mountain) &10000000000000299000000299 m
981 ft
A low mountain from whose top the church spires of Atlanta could be seen during the American Civil War
Signal Mountain (Coos County, New Hampshire) United States Coos County, New Hampshire 44°45′41″N 71°13′39″W / 44.76139°N 71.22750°W / 44.76139; -71.22750 (Signal Mountain (Coos County, New Hampshire)) &10000000000000824000000824 m
2,703 ft
&10000000000000269000000269 m
883 ft
Signal Mountain (Grafton County, New Hampshire) United States Grafton County, New Hampshire 44°17′17″N 71°58′32″W / 44.28806°N 71.97556°W / 44.28806; -71.97556 (Signal Mountain (Grafton County, New Hampshire)) &10000000000000703000000703 m
2,306 ft
&10000000000000432000000432 m
1,417 ft
Signal Mountain (Hamilton County, Tennessee) United States Hamilton County, Tennessee 35°07′17″N 85°22′30″W / 35.12139°N 85.37500°W / 35.12139; -85.37500 (Signal Mountain (Hamilton County, Tennessee)) &10000000000000319000000319 m
1,047 ft
Signal Mountain (Scott County, Tennessee) United States Scott County, Tennessee 36°17′00″N 84°28′04″W / 36.28333°N 84.46778°W / 36.28333; -84.46778 (Signal Mountain (Scott County, Tennessee)) &10000000000000887000000887 m
2,910 ft
Guadalupe Peak Guadalupe Nima2.JPG United States Culberson County, Texas 31°53′29″N 104°51′39″W / 31.8914607°N 104.8607102°W / 31.8914607; -104.8607102 (Guadalupe Peak) &100000000000026670000002667 m
8,750 ft
&10000000000000923000000923 m
3,028 ft
Also known as Signal Peak, the highest natural point in the state of Texas
Signal Mountain (Texas) United States Howard County, Texas 32°12′05″N 101°18′45″W / 32.20139°N 101.31250°W / 32.20139; -101.31250 (Signal Mountain (Howard County, Texas)) &10000000000000808000000808 m
2,651 ft
Signal Peak (Utah) Pine Valley Mountain from Lower Sand Cove at dusk 2009-06-10.jpg United States Washington County, Utah 37°19′11″N 113°29′30″W / 37.31972°N 113.49167°W / 37.31972; -113.49167 (Signal Peak (Utah)) &100000000000031590000003159 m
10,364 ft
&100000000000013670000001367 m
4,485 ft
Highest peak in Pine Valley Mountains
Signal Mountain (Vermont) United States Caledonia County, Vermont 44°12′20″N 72°19′29″W / 44.20556°N 72.32472°W / 44.20556; -72.32472 (Signal Mountain (Vermont)) &100000000000010130000001013 m
3,323 ft
&10000000000000650000000650 m
2,133 ft
#35 of New England Fifty Finest, Knox Mountain on USGS topological map
Signal Mountain (Virginia) United States Fauquier County, Virginia 38°52′53″N 77°42′11″W / 38.88139°N 77.70306°W / 38.88139; -77.70306 (Signal Mountain (Fauquier County, Virginia)) &10000000000000417000000417 m
1,368 ft
&10000000000000240000000240 m
787 ft
Signal Mountain (Wyoming) Snake River Signal Mountain.jpg United States Teton County, Wyoming 43°50′56″N 110°34′02″W / 43.84889°N 110.56722°W / 43.84889; -110.56722 (Signal Mountain (Wyoming)) &100000000000023540000002354 m
7,723 ft
An isolated volcanic summit with sweeping views of the geologically distinct Teton Range.
Signal Hill United States Williamson County, Texas 30°36′48″N 97°52′06″W / 30.61333°N 97.86833°W / 30.61333; -97.86833
Signal Hill United States Hays County, Texas 30°11′24″N 97°57′16″W / 30.19000°N 97.95444°W / 30.19000; -97.95444
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