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This is a list of rivers in Israel. This list is arranged by where the river drains. Tributaries are indented under each larger stream's name.

Mediterranean Sea

Listed from north to south

  • Nahal Betzet
  • Nahal Kziv
  • Ga'aton River
  • Nahal Na‘aman
  • Kishon River
  • Nahal Taninim
  • Hadera Stream
  • Nahal Alexander
  • Nahal Poleg
  • Yarkon River
  • Ayalon River
    • Nahal Qana
    • Nahal Shillo
  • Nahal Sorek
  • Lakhish River
  • Nahal Shikma
  • HaBesor Stream
    • Nahal Gerar
    • Nahal Be'er Sheva
      • Nahal Havron

Sea of Galilee

Listed from north to south.

  • Nahal Amud

Dead Sea

Listed clockwise from the Jordan River.

  • Jordan River
    • Nahal Harod
    • Nahal Yissakhar
    • Nahal Tavor
    • Yarmouk River
    • Nahal Yavne’el
    • Nahal Arbel
    • Nahal Amud
    • Nahal Korazim
    • Nahal Hazor
    • Nahal Dishon
    • Hasbani River
      • Nahal Ayun
    • Dan River
      • Banias River
  • Nahal HaArava
    • Nahal Neqarot
      • Nahal Ramon
    • Nahal Shivya
    • Nahal Paran
    • Nahal Hiyyon
  • Nahal Zin
  • Tze'elim Stream
  • Nahal Mishmar
  • Nahal Hever

Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba)

  • Nahal Shahmon
  • Nahal Shelomo
  • Rand McNally, The New International Atlas, 1993.
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